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I was mowing the lawn on the weekend when it occurred to me that people rarely notice a mown lawn, but they notice an overgrown one.

Then it occurred to me
As it is in real life it is in WoW.


  • When a tank is hitting all the right buttons at the right time, you don’t notice. You just pew pew away without a care in the world.

When the tank doesn’t know or use the right rotations, or hits the wrong buttons or wrong skills you get plenty of time to notice on the ghost run… (more…)

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So what happened to the Kara whinge post?

So what happened to the Kara whinge post?

Did you miss it this week?

OK, here goes….

I didn’t play WoW this weekend, so no Kara for me ;-(

There you go, short and sweet!

I hear my Mates did pretty well though with only Netherspite and Prince left standing, and they tried to teach Prince a lesson a few times.  I would like to think I would have made the difference, but then that’s because this little Gnome has an ego the size of a tanking Druid’s butt.

It was Father’s Day

So no, I gave my weekend over to my family, Father’s day and all.. no touchy the puter daddy… (more…)

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Yep, I have nothing to contribute on this topic myself, but I have been (and will be) spending a bit of time reading and rereading this excellent post by The Dwarf Priest on raid stacking.

This was brought to my attention by Siha at Banana Shoulders.

That’s it!

Just a community service announcement for those of you that don’t read Priest or Paladin blogs, but are interested in raid stacking.

Go… Shoo, go read other people’s blogs…

Gnomer and Out!

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No, for once I am not talking about the PCBH (Post Curator Black Hole), although I believe my friends got hit with that again on Friday (I think this time because Tree Hugger Dave was ASATK – Asleep at the Keyboard).

No, this time it was Pre-Kara Black Hole for me.

What’s worse, wiping on Prince: (more…)

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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword…

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword…

A Picture tells a 1,000 words…

So how many puncture wounds does this picture reveal? (more…)

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Looking for good time Kara

Well there is some good news… No PCBH (Post Curator Black Hole) this week!

I can hardly believe it, but it is true.

We even got Prince down, and the rogue got his T4 Helm that he has been dreaming about since we entered Kara (which feels like a long time ago – which it was)

Ranged position for Prince as described by Fireball Spam

Ranged position for Prince as described by Fireball Spam

So, it must have been a good run right?


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Well Friday night was another average Kara run.

For one thing the Olympics opening ceremony was on, and everyone was slightly distracted, especially my wife.  Hang on, she doesn’t play…. but she does pull my strings, so I had lots of AFK moments while she dragged me back into the living room.  I didn’t see anything interesting, always missing what she was excited about – which didn’t make her happy (at all).

Still we had a pretty good group, including a hunter that was sharing top billing on the damage meters with the rogue & I.  Unfortunately he was one of those eager to share stats… frequently, as well as introduce us to his raft of “chatty mods” – those ones that spam raid channel.

The tank has him on ignore (more…)

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