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I know, I know, another WSG post… that’s where I’m spending 99% of my time, so I guess that will be reflected in my posts.

WSG is a game about flags and the people that carry them.

It’s something you have to keep foremost in your mind when playing the game because it’s very easy to get the scent of blood and lose focus.

There are things that can easily change your focus:

  • Farming
  • Enemy names
  • Vendettas


Farming is something I understand well, having been on the receiving end for so long. The tide has turned recently for the Alliance and more often than not now we are wielding the plows and the Horde are the freshly tilled earth.

Farming is exhilarating, the complete domination of your opponent sends chills through your spine (more…)

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In Australia we call the world game Soccer. Of course we have to, with more than 4 codes of football (the main ones being Aussie Rules, Rugby Union, Rugby League and Soccer) we need to be clear about which game we speak of. Growing up in Melbourne, some will argue the heart of Aussie rules, I follow this code. I was fortunate enough to have a father that respected all sport, so Soccer is familiar enough to me. One of the fundamental differences between Aussie Rules and Soccer is the final scoreboard. Aussie rules is a high scoring game, usually for both sides, so there is never a lack of GOAL! moments. Soccer… Well 0/0 is as valid a result as any. Simply looking at a final scoreboard just doesn’t give an indication of whether a game is good or not. The same us true of Warsong Gulch. The game will end in 25 minutes no matter what and a 0/0 result is just as valid (hey, if I’m not getting extra honor, neither are the Horde!). Everyone loves a quick 3 cap, I am no exception, but often that 3 cap is the result of the complete failure of one team rather than the excellence of another

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Children’s Week and the memories of School of Hard Knocks spurred a little bloodlust recently.

Prelimnar tells me that Blizzard has encouraged him to love Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley through immersion therapy related to the achievement, and I guess it was a similar thing for me.

I have always loved WSG, but as a rule, Alliance have fared badly and end up running around like headless chooks.

I have been around Aussie Rules football long enough to know you “Play the ball, not the man”, but experience has shown that most ignore the “ball” in WSG, much preferring to shirt-front the players even when it means certain death.

However, being ranged and squishy, I have always played at range.  So when a flag drops, I am lucky if I can get to it before it despawns let alone beat a teammate (or the gods forbid and enemy) to pick it up.

As I say, Children’s Week reignited my love of WSG and my desire to get my hands on the flag.

Not the Horde flag, OUR FLAG!

So for the last couple of weeks, you could be pretty sure that I would be in WSG.  If I only got to do one thing, it was one WSG.

As the days have gone on, I have picked up some warriors in arms, Streakers players that either love WSG, or just felt the desire to help me reach my goals.

The fruits of my labor paid off last night (more…)

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Gratuitous naked Dwarf... proof I'm not racist

You kill a mob… cloth

You kill a boss… cloth

You loot a chest… cloth

You kill a player… a few sliver and a kick up the arse.

The Emperor’s new clothes

This is what I don’t understand, why is it, that that cloth wearing fool of a Warlock that tried to take down the widdly-biddy-fireball-throwing Gnome Mage, can’t spare me some cloth? (more…)

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There are no healers

Alliance never heals

Why you all suxxor?

If we lose this it’s because of x, y AND z.

If we lose this it’s because I got no heals

I’m top of the damage meters, you shuddup

Blah, blah, friggin, BLAH!

Whinger of the Weak

Pixxul gets my inaugural Whinger of the Weak award (more…)

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Battlegrounds: Don’t give up

No serious, don’t give up.

I’ve had two experiences in the last couple of days that just reinforce this.

WSG – Losing in style

The 1st was a loss in WSG.

It started as a typical loss… 12 people protecting our flag carrier, 2 of us trying to retrieve our flag, while the flag carrier bitched at us (the 2 of us trying to take our flag back from 5) endlessly.

I did explain at one point that if everyone wasn’t on D we might have had a chance… which he scoffed at, as he was too important…

You know…

I need 12 people to protect me, and 12 people to rescue our flag… why are you two so fail?


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I started Saturday as the most hugged blogger of 2010 and ended the day as the blogger most in need of hugs 2011.

No, don’t panic, I’m fine, happy and healthy, if a little tired.

This is a story of support during depression with a little WoW twist thrown in.

As you may be aware I spoke a lot about depression, mine and my family’s back in Movember. I mentioned then that it can be a long hard journey and it is.

Saturday afternoon I was alerted by the police to my ex-wife’s latest suicide intentions. She had made it public via Facebook and the level of support and concern from her friends was astounding, with those that know her boyfriend or I,  contacting us and those that don’t contacting the police who then contacted me.

Truly it was a wonderful thing to see so many people going to such lengths to save her life.

My evening was spent fielding Facebook enquiries and phone calls from friends and international family.

Remember, no matter how dark it gets, no matter how alone you feel, you are not alone, you are loved by all the people whose lives you have touched.

We will not be better of without my ex-wife, we will not be better off without YOU.

Those Movember posts…

Me on the otherhand…

Well there is a WoW argument for being better off without me.. (more…)

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