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Loved by Gnomes

Well, I can finally get back to the grind to 80!

Since the Achievements went in (well before actually, but I just needed a motivator), I have wanted to be loved by Gnomes World wide.  But the Gnomes are a difficult bunch to please.

  • Dwarves… easy, way too easy considering their dour demeanor.
  • Draenei (The Exiled Ones – Oi!, get your hands of that title.. that’s the Gnomes!) .. Easy, I guess because they were so late on the scene they are happy to have any friends at all.
  • Night Elves… they throw their reputation to the wind… seems they are like Druids in general and like it when you go killing (diseased) trees… and reward for it!
  • Humans… Pretty easy too, but I must admit I left them hanging on.
  • But Gnomes… geeez, Exiles alright! Spread across the world in some of the remotest of places, refusing to be anyone’s friend easily!

But… but… but… I finally won them over.



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Dear Gnome


Imanunlovedgnome writes:

Dear Gnomeaggedon,
Being a 3 foot chubby pallid bald Gnome I have problems getting deep and meaningful relationships with those of the opposite sex.

Even when I dress in my best raiding gear the girls look right over my head, even the short ones.


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Am I human?

Am I human?

OK, so this one is a little silly.

I was going to join a website using my real Gnomish Name:

Things were going well, they even wanted to know where I lived…

But then things fell off the rails, and I decided not to join up… (more…)

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My 2 year old’s love/hate relationship with Gnomes



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One in a Million

OK, not quite 1 in 1 million, more like 1 in 6, but even so, I feel even dirtier than I did a week ago.

One week ago I reported in how I was not the only Gnomeaggedon in the world, there were 3 of us… well it turns out that there are 6 of us, because I didn’t go checking the EU realms.

Saresa brought the WoW Armory Character Distribution Widget to my attention in her post 44% of Saresa’s recommend…

So at this point I had to check it out… What I find is wierd! (more…)

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or.. When I grow up I want to be a….

Human: Why would I play a fantasy game and want to be a human – that’s not fantasy, that’s real life! Anyway the male humans run “funny”. (more…)

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Gnomes: Pro’s & Con’s

Gnomeaggedon is a Gnome – No Surprises there!

Why did I pick a Gnome?

For 2 reasons.

  1. I wanted to be a member of a “concept” guild of a friend’s called Little League.
  2. I had tried a (male) Human Mage, and, quite simply I couldn’t stand the way he ran. I didn’t want to to watch him for 60… 70… (soon) 80 levels.

Anyway, here’s the Pro’s & Con’s of playing a Gnome Mage (or any ranged Gnome). (more…)

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