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Or Dwarves, Elves, Space goats, Trolls, Taurens etc…

Generally I don’t mind the lack or shortage of mob models in the game, but I must admit I mind this.

So I get Zombified, cool, I am all for a bit of bone munching and infecting.

But why do I have to be a “human” Zombie (ok, so TV will do that to some humans).

Why can’t I be a Gnome Zombie. 2.5 feet of putrefying flesh bearing do on you may seem to be a joke until you realize you have an infected kneecap.

Come On Blizz, put the bite back into Gnomes!

Gnomer and Out!

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Done & Done

Done & Done

Introducing: Gnomeaggedon Jenkins

and while I am at it, a screen shot of the massive joy that was the AoE that took down the whelps… I can’t say I have ever seen a screen come so alive… and go so dead… (more…)

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Loot bags full of Sinister Squashlings

Loot bags full of Sinister Squashlings

Well, low chance random drop… this is my 2nd one!

In a loot bag?  Who would have thunk it?

Shame it was wasted on me, as you can only have one….

Let me walk you through it… (more…)

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Hollow pleasure

Hollow pleasure

So I jumped on WoW last night because I just couldn’t sleep, the question was what to do.

Time Sink

I decided that I wanted to do my first post-patch PvP, but thought I would quickly go grab lolly jars from The Eastern Kingdoms.  I had 50% of them, so how long could it take.

Man, what’s time sink.  Sure, not hard work, see flight master, fly route, run to inn, grab candy, see flight master.  Rinse & repeat.

While on the back of one bird I started thinking how I should be more efficient, maybe go /love some critters while I was out and about in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Then it occurred to me I was blowing 1/2 hour, why make it an hour?

Anyway, one more achievement down. (more…)

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Pumpkin Head and Pumpkin Pet

Pumpkin Head and Pumpkin Pet

Unusually for me, I managed to experience a bit of an in-game event.

Yep, I ran a whole bunch of Hallows End events.

I would have liked to have done them on Friday night, but they didn’t become active until Saturday morning at 4am… not staying up for that I am afraid. Actually Friday was a complete drag… decided I didn’t want to run Kara for the 1000’th time, even if it can be 5 manned, thought I would work on my addons and maybe PvP for a bit… But I couldn’t get the battlemasters to talk to me… thought it was mods so went though a whole lot of stuffing around with them to read later that the battlegroup was down…

Anyway, Saturday night when I logged in and knocked back a run to MH & ZA, my mates got together to take down the Headless Horseman. (more…)

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Pirates day celebrations in WoW


I mentioned earlier today that it ws pirates day.. well you might want to get down to booty bay…

1 day event!

Check out Blizzards site for details!

Gnomer and Out!

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Arrrrgggghhhh me hearties!

International Pirate day!

Gnomer and Out!

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