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I don’t know if they are as common in your part of the world as they are here in Australia, but we have this phenomena called comeback tours. Some bands specifically have last shows and break up purely to have comeback tours.

There is one guy, John Farnham, that is the master of this art. Even though 80% of Australians say “thank god and good riddance” everytime he has a farewell tour, he’s back a year or two later.

That said, there are some comebacks I crave. Sex Pistols was one such tour, and if I didn’t get so drunk and fall asleep, I might have enjoyed the failfest it was.

There is one (ok two) blogger comeback tours I would love to see… She of too little mana, Megan (more…)

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Actually, I wonder if Blizzard reads any blogs.

I have to assume they do, I mean we are normal people with normal lives whose only investment is that we like to play the game.

I would expect at at least some of the hundreds, or is it thousands of Blizzard employees read more than the company policy manuals.

I wonder how I would react, and how long it would take me to recover if Ghost Crawler made a blue post on my blog (more…)

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Why I’m a sad Gnome

Jong has gone.

Before him Megan.

I know there are plenty more excellent bloggers, I know because I read them every day.

My usual blog day begins with ensuring my post is ready, checking comments and reading the Mage blogs, after that it’s on to all the other blogs. Sure there’s a priority list amongst them too. For the Horde is usually one of the 1st I visit after the Mage blogs are done and dusted, but there have been two exceptions to this rule.

Forbearance and before that OOM. (more…)

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Bye Jong!

Jong’s passing on the shards and hearthing out of here

/sad Gnome

nuff said… don’t want to get too teary and emotional… can’t have my superhero thinking less of me…

Gnomer and Out!


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Maybe if I just twink my fingers at this angle I will get the desired result…

Mmm nope, that didn’t send me where I want to be.

Maybe if I hold my left leg in the air, while shaking my left hand, wriggling my right fingers and chant the required phrase…

Mmmm, everything looks the same, well except me.

I appear to be a pale imitation of myself… is this the look of success?

What’s this? A random party invite already?

Larisa 02

Mmmm, the name is familiar, a sure sign of success?

Let’s just see what this fellow Mage looks like…


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I’m thinking this blog needs a bit of discipline.

  • Someone to show wanton Gnomes like me the way things should be done.
  • Someone that knows how to get your PuGs in order.
  • Someone that will tell you what to do when you are facing down those bosses in Ulduar, VoA, the battlegrounds.
  • Someone that isn’t me!

Introducing Wonzy:



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OK Folks,

Time for a few important reminders.

Me 1st

Blogday gifts

I have a couple, and I know you want to send me more.

There is only a couple of weeks left, so :

  • Send me at least 1, if not all 5 gifts:
    – Up to 20 questions
    – GnomeShots
    – Gnomefluence
    – Gnome weekend that was
    – Mages/Gnomes suck/are the best because…
  • Send your content to me before June 19th
  • Send it to gnomeaggedon At gmail DOT com (because that’s the easiest way to send me all 5!)
  • Email Subject should be Gnomers Gifts
  • If you want to actually catch up with me on Aman’thul, drop me a line before hand so I know that you might be looking for me between 7.30-8.30pm or 2-3am on a Friday night/Saturday morning AEST time (server time (more…)

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