It’s reasonably public knowledge that I’m a little bit crazy… Gnomeaggedon is completely off his tree, and even I the writer have had to deal with demons in my past.

I have completely outdone myself this time around by throwing a few innocent numbers around.  Sure if you put them neatly side by side, you can see the Gnomeaggedon Code, an inkling of the insanity I have spread amongst the WoW Bloggers in the last few days, but to decode it, you would need to rely on a couple of real detectives, those that can draw together the seemingly unrelated to reveal the evil below.

Back when I was knocking out 1.5 blogs a day, these memes were quite common.  Where a meme didn’t exist, it was quite common for us to bounce topics off each other, I think sometimes taking an intentionally ridiculously point of view, just to ensure the friendly banter continued.

Thus, on this return of mine to blogging I had a few intentions.

  1. Write some blog posts
  2. Make Bear write… not for him, but for me.. make him work
  3. Make contact with the far reaches of the WoW Blogosphere.

The best way I know to do that, is to annoy the living shit out of some people, refresh the view of wow for others through a little time looking in the rear view mirror, and of course, send some bloggers head’s a’ spinning while they watch the ball get kicked about with cries of “Tag, you it!”.

Can’t be arsed

I said I couldn’t be arsed keeping track of all the posts and posters, but I admit I relented and started making a list, which, yes, I checked once or twice.

I thought I was doing a reasonable job, though there is no question at all that there is nothing pretty about a crappy copy & paste list of blog posts all titled “Sixth”.

Still… Gnome is all for community service and I see no reason why I can’t at least provide a dogeared, incomplete if not completely misleading, pathetic attempt at a list of people who were kind enough to succumb to my invitation to go nuts.

So, I guess I could be arsed… but in the world of being arsed, it is the anally retentive that is King or Queen.

Yes… you do want to keep reading past this point…

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This post started as a comment at Punt This! on Warsong Gulch 101, but I thought I’d write it up properly and add some badly composed images… you know, my hallmark.

This is my standard flag carrying strategy in WSG.

It’s the one that proves 2 things.

  1. Mages (make that any clothy) can flag carry
  2. Horde Graveyard is a good way to come.

I have probably returned 8-9 out of 10 flags this way. You are usually in your flag room before the Horde knows you took the flag, so with the Horde flag in your base, the only other thing required is the return of your flag.

I often find that after running this once in a BG (assuming the EFC is taken down fast for a quick cap), that all opposition evaporates. I guess when there is a flag cap within the first few minutes, and they didn’t see the flag carrier, they just figure they wont see them again and it is already game over.

This is also a good strategy for grabbing their flag just before they cap your flag.  They tend to mill about in disbelief that they couldn’t cap, and then split their forces in several directions trying to catch you.

This is a guide written about me, a Mage, A Gnome Mage, and my flag running strategy from my perspective. That said, my non-Mage buddies do the same thing if I am ever too slow, or choose to cover them instead.. Warlocks, Disc Priests, Resto Shaman they all do fine Continue Reading »

Let me rephrase that for those Mages amongst us without an Arcane Intellect buff

No Mage Food = No Mage Heals!

Ohh that came out the same… I guess I don’t think it’s that hard to understand.

For a while there I was getting so annoyed (and it isn’t the 1st time I have been annoyed about this), that as soon as I zoned into a BG and saw a Mage, but no table I would write in BG chat…

No Mage Food = No Mage Heals!

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Nearly 3 years ago I was asked to provide my sixth image from my sixth screenshot folder.

For all I know this still goes on, may have just occured last week.

If it has, let me know.

If it hasn’t, well play along with me a little.

The basic premise is easy…

  • Go into your image folder
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
  • Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couln’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
  • Challenge six new bloggers.
  • Link to them.

Back then the 6 bloggers I chose were: Leafy, Fikkle from For the Horde, Fimlys (who didn’t repond.. will take that up with him later), Pugnacious Priest, Euripedes from Critical QQ, and finally Matticus (who I knew wouldn’t respond, but hey I never stop trying).

So I guess to get the ball rolling, I will pick my 6th screenshot folder…


not sure how that folder got there…

OK, maybe a little creative sorting, and now I have a sixth folder I can use.

6th sceenshot is.. Continue Reading »

I spent years achieving the achievement and all I got was this lousy title…

Finally, finally, with a lot of help from my friends and awesome support from the PuGs, I got Resilient Victory,

the last achievement I needed for Master of Arathi Basin,

and more importantly the last achievement I needed for Battlemaster.

So yes, I am now officially Battlemaster Gnomeaggedon, Justicar of Gnomeregan. Well I would be if you could chain titles… Guess I will stick with Gnomeaggedon of Gnomeregan.

Of course, with what comes next, you will probably re-title me Gnomeaggedon, Master Whinger of Gnomeregan Continue Reading »

WoW Gold Beggers…

They still exist?

lol… some things never change.

Gnomer and Out!

Stroke It!

1st stroke is free

2nd stroke requires a donation!


Last chance for Movember donations!

Thanks to all of you, including WoWInsider, for your support and kind wishes for Movember.

Don’t stop sharing just because the Mo’s are going away for another year

Mo’mer and Out!

My MoGnovemberaggedon…

Shave and a Haircut: Movember

Just in case you thought I wasn’t serious

Depression in the family: Movember

Youth gone wild: Movember

Married with child and depressed: Movember

Depression in the workplace: Movember

Better Off without me

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