There I was just mucking about when Zwingli sends me a tweet.

A tweet that became this post with the assistance of Cynwise & Snack_Road.

I once saw Twitter referred to as a river. If you get to the river bank at the right time, you get to see the swans floating by. Get there at the wrong time and it’s nothing but debris floating by.

So, I have captured that moment in time, pasted it here for you to enjoy.. Continue Reading »

As much as Twin Peaks is similar in nature to Warsong Gulch, I’m not a huge fan… but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it.

Yeah I have degrees of BG love… they are all well loved, it’s just a case of whether that love goes beyond the 100% mark.

I previously gave you a run down of my WSG strategy, that surprisingly works more often than not, so maybe it’s time to shine my light on Twin Peaks.

Once again, this is from the perspective of a Mage flag carrier, specifically an Alliance Mage… this doesn’t preclude any Alliance from using the strategy, well maybe the Blinks, but otherwise it’s a pretty much one-size-fits-all strategy. In fact Squidly, my Resto Shaman, runs the same course, but isn’t reliant on the expensive overhead of Water Walking Potions Continue Reading »

Mirror Furbolg

I blame Hyperious from Toys of Azeroth

One Furbolg Gnomeaggedon is great… 4 just leaves me speechless (yeah right…) Continue Reading »

Rogue Raging

This post is a continuation of yesterday.  Where yesterday I paraphrased Naysa’s Rogue Rage, today we have a guest post, brought to you by Phlanker, the loyal (loving, devoted and occasionally insane) real life companion of Naysa (yes, he is her pet).

So rogues… Where to begin…

I have one, it does PvE, and generally fails miserably, and/or dies within 20% of a boss…

In Eye of the Storm today, I had the pleasure of meeting a rogue, face to face (or ass to face as it were). I did the usual hunter thing.. trap, scatter shot, disengage and then hold him at range with concussive shot, and shot the crap outta him till he dies…

One happy hunter.

I happen to meet upon said rogue once more, as he was beating on a poor hapless priest. scatter shot, aimed shot… you know the drill. My priest friend (Dariaste) ran away, only to be harassed by another rogue. The rogue I was working, vanished, and I dropped the expected flare awaiting my backside to feel his daggers once more. Instead, I find the rogue has sprinted off to join his friend in taking out the priest. I was bemused by the fact that the rogue needed to leave me, to help his friend.. Continue Reading »

Rogue Rage

To paraphrase my guildy Naysa…

Continue Reading »

This is a post about men’s health.

Actually it’s a post about health, where the primary target is men, but:

  1. It’s just as applicable for some women, and
  2. It will require the presence of a significant other (or others) as you go along.

So maybe this is the time for you to grab the ones you love, to read along with you and witness (or provide) the men’s oath of health Continue Reading »

Seriously, they have to die… FIRST!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…

Magma Totems Must Die!

That is assuming they are at a flag in a capture the node game such as Arathi Basin or Battle for Gilneas.

They are close to the best node defense item in the game Continue Reading »


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