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Just thought I’d share that with you all.  Thank you for the kind wishes.  I think it’s awesome to share the same birthday as good old gnomer.  Err, not old as in OLD-old, but, er-

*steps away from proverbial landmine*

So yeah, 24.  That’s pretty neat, isn’t it?  I have a fond memory of my mage when he was level 24.  It was a stockades run, and I received my first dungeon boost from a level 70.  It came from none other than…

…a warlock.

The lock was pulling 5-6 rooms at a time with her Voidwalker, and at that point, I was not aware that gaining mana from evocation caused aggro.  Wouldn’t you know it, all the defias prisoners went at me and clubbed me to death.  It was embarassing, but a little funny at the same time.

Thankfully, I was soulstoned.

It’s strange.  Looking back at that, it sort of explains why my hatred towards warlocks is merely arbitrary.  There are plenty of things that have happened in my collective WoW experience that would otherwise make me think they’re alright people.

But obligation only goes so far.  Warlocks are smelly, and should be done away with as a class altogether.

That is my birthday wish this year!  No more warlocks!

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To eat that is… don’t try it.. public service announcement and all… any that may think that Gnomes Are Yummy need to be dissuaded of that idea… or can we at least scream out in unison…

We are being repressed!

OK I admit it, this is just a crummy opportunity for me to share some Monty Python (apologies to all off you behind firewalls or on mobile devices… just mark it as unread and come and have a laugh later) and some links that I have found that I love… or that well, maybe I hate the sentiment of the blog titles, but I enjoy the reposte… or is that repast…

Bear Makes Sense, but Three Druid Noob is rolling in the cents

Bear wants to end the Gold selling Prohibition… yeah might sound strange at 1st, but he’s got a point…

But then Raxorbax is rolling in the gold all due to Hackers… and a little good timing.

Doh! Why didn’t we all think of that!

Ixobelle has been pretty quiet, hasn’t got that job at Blizzzard that I wished for (yet… one day) but sometimes the obvious is just so obvious that I want to kick myself…. Ixo kicked me instead.

Why don’t 70% of players make it past level 10?

Trial Accounts?


Ixo has the answer here with 70% of BLAH BLAH BLAH


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