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I have lost a pet. Not just any pet, but one that has been with Gnomeaggedon since he was big enough to venture into Westfall unassisted.

I’ve lost CLUCK!

This is the chicken you gain after making a fool of yourself for 15 minutes with the emote /chicken.

I must have bitten the bullet when bag and bank space was at it’s lowest and the mechanical chicken must have one the elimination.

Now I know you can go visit any Stable Master and get your deleted chain quest pets restored, as I have with my Smolderweb Hatchling and Worg Pup, but apparently. Keeping chickens is below a Stable Master’s dignity. (more…)

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So after my post about slowing down I have been posting as much as usual, until yesterday.

No post yesterday. Yes I read a few blogs, made a few comments, but otherwise nothing.

It was hard, but refreshing.

Likewise of has been nearly 4 weeks out of game which has definitely changed or maybe reinforced my perspective on WoW.

I have played 3 times immediately the last weeks, to be honest, but a different grind than Kara.

That’s raised a few things for me, the first I will show you today, and the others… Well I will leave you with a question which will be the foundation of a future post.


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