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squidly and dark portal

Something strange is happening with Squidly.

He started out with all the best intentions.

  • Level normally
  • Explore Azeroth
  • Soak up all the quests and instances

But I have just realized that this will never be.

Why so dear Squid?

Well there are lots of factors that mean I am hop, skip and jumping all sorts of content (more…)

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Not So Fast

Selling houses, buying houses, flame striking Gnomes, totem dropping shamans, questing, grinding, instances and mates.

RL has been as messy as my WoW time and I am struggling to maintain a single thread of thought. I could just release the week of posts that were scheduled for last week… but that would require straight thinking.

House sold

Sold Mum’s house for more than expected. This is good because it will help to cover her debts which are more than expected.

House hunting

There’s enough left over for us to hunt down and frost nova a house. Our choices are a bit limited and more than one real estate agent has scoffed at our budget or turned up their nose at the thought of cheap arses buying through them.

Bidding on a couple of houses in the bush just outside of Melbourne… next to where the devastating fires burned through earlier this year… cant be thinking straight.

Easy heals

Squidly has run quite a few instances as Resto. Only wiped once when our tank got a little cocky in ZF with the scarab beetles, and I was on the other side of a wall… Actually we didn’t wipe, I just lost 3 party members, then the DPS Pally and I cleaned up the rest.

My damage might not be high in Resto, but my DPS is often higher than other party members.

Yeah I get a little naughty and throw put the more than odd chain lightning, generally it’s too easy (more…)

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If you’ve ever stepped into an instance or raid, made an attempt on a boss, died, released and tried to renter the instance or the bosses room whole the battle still rages, you will know what I am talking about.

Quick note: do not release! Never release until the last party member is dead AND the call is made to release and run.

If you release you most likely won’t be allowed into the instance or the bosses room. If you aren’t in the instance (even as a corpse) when the boss goes down, you just lost all loot, emblems and credit for the kill.

If you can’t get in, you may as well watch and cry. Better yet, watch and learn as I did while watching a Heigan fail… I learned, danced and got the achievement next time around.

If you release before the call is made you may cost your party/raid 10 minutes while they wait for you if there is a rezzer safe and ready to go.

Mmmm so much for a quick note…

Anyway, back on topic… (more…)

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Vael 03

Last week was Old World night and it was pretty much a flip of the coin… AQ40 or Black Wing Lair (BWL).  Thanks to Prelimar, we knew it wasn’t going to be a cake walk, so really it just came down to which we thought we could do before 1am when one of our Tanks had to log.  We chose BWL because one of our crew had done it the hard way, uphill both ways in the snow back at level 60… so someone knew which corner to turn and when (more…)

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FailFest Friday

Urrrghhh…. Friday /fail

It was our Non-Naxx, Non-Old World night…

The night that we take on VoA, OS and a little bit of Naxx (OK, so I lied about it being a non-Naxx night… but what else can we do?)

I put in a special request with my mates that we take on CoT Culling of Stratholme, for purely selfish reasons.  I couldn’t bare the thought that a fellow blogger might have a Bronze Drake while I didn’t.  Can’t have a Troll one-upping a Gnome now can we? They agreed, but it was going to be tight, so I made sure I was on early, ready and waiting…

Cookery Failery

Waiting… yeah, what to do while waiting… Cooking Achievements!

I had placed some pre-orders at the AH, so I grabbed nearly everything I would need from the mailbox, and got to it…

Captain Rumsey

I had been gloating to Prelimar about how I had the recipe, so it was 1st cab off the rank. (more…)

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I may be vain, but…


I may be vain, but I think I rock!

Especially when I’m the last Gnome standing…

To be honest, it’s not the way I normally think of myself. I tend to focus more on the things I do wrong, rather than remembering the things I get right.

But I had one of those nights the other night that highlighted the things I got right, the biggest of them being staying alive… Most of the time… (more…)

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Two sides to every instance?

Every now and then I provide myself with Gnomish Inspiration, or is that GnomInspiration…

Nearly always through a flippant comment, more often than not in reply to a comment on one of my own posts.

So I had an idea for a new instance, or rather new style of instance (more…)

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