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Drawing the short straw: Racial Bonuses

I feel sorry for Gnomes, Draenei, Taurens and Blood elf.  Primarily Gnomes of course!

They have a racial bonus taken up with something completely useless… profession racial bonuses.

Let’s take a look.

  • Gnome
    * Engineering Specialist : 15 point skill bonus to Engineering (note, this also raises the cap by 15 at each level of Engineering).
  • Draenei
    * Gemcutting : 5 point skill bonus to Jewelcrafting (note, this also raises the cap by 5 at each level of jewelcrafting).
  • Tauren
    * Cultivation : 15 point skill bonus to Herbalism (note, this also raises the cap by 15 at each level of herbalism).
  • Blood elf
    * Arcane Affinity : 10 point skill bonus to Enchanting (note, this also raises the cap by 10 at each level of enchanting).

Yes yes, I hear you Forsaken, Trolls, Orcs, Night elves, Humans and Dwarves screaming out:

If you don’t want +5 to 15 to your skills, then we will take it!

Well, I am of a good mind to just give it to you… actually, you are welcome to my Gnome Engineering skill, cause it’s worth diddly squat to me!


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World’s deadliest creatures: Gnomes

Kestrel from Kestrals Aerie (WTB Gnome Priest!) and subsequently Arrens, Pixeled ExecutionerAwlbiste, Jezriyah, Medros, outdps, Willel, Greyseer, Holydiscipline, & Stoppableforce got me thinking about this on Twitter the other day.

Oztrlya Gnoo

Here at Oztrlya Gnoo we house some of the world’s most deadly creatures.

We’ve got Taipans, Salty Crocolisks, box jellyfish, but our latest attraction will astound you.



Gnomes you say, but I thought they were cute and cuddly?

About as cute and cuddly as a Koala on heat (which is vicious btw, you are only more likely to get taken out by the infamous Drop Bear). (more…)

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Loved by Gnomes

Well, I can finally get back to the grind to 80!

Since the Achievements went in (well before actually, but I just needed a motivator), I have wanted to be loved by Gnomes World wide.  But the Gnomes are a difficult bunch to please.

  • Dwarves… easy, way too easy considering their dour demeanor.
  • Draenei (The Exiled Ones – Oi!, get your hands of that title.. that’s the Gnomes!) .. Easy, I guess because they were so late on the scene they are happy to have any friends at all.
  • Night Elves… they throw their reputation to the wind… seems they are like Druids in general and like it when you go killing (diseased) trees… and reward for it!
  • Humans… Pretty easy too, but I must admit I left them hanging on.
  • But Gnomes… geeez, Exiles alright! Spread across the world in some of the remotest of places, refusing to be anyone’s friend easily!

But… but… but… I finally won them over.



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Dear Gnome


Imanunlovedgnome writes:

Dear Gnomeaggedon,
Being a 3 foot chubby pallid bald Gnome I have problems getting deep and meaningful relationships with those of the opposite sex.

Even when I dress in my best raiding gear the girls look right over my head, even the short ones.


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Am I human?

Am I human?

OK, so this one is a little silly.

I was going to join a website using my real Gnomish Name:

Things were going well, they even wanted to know where I lived…

But then things fell off the rails, and I decided not to join up… (more…)

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My 2 year old’s love/hate relationship with Gnomes



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One in a Million

OK, not quite 1 in 1 million, more like 1 in 6, but even so, I feel even dirtier than I did a week ago.

One week ago I reported in how I was not the only Gnomeaggedon in the world, there were 3 of us… well it turns out that there are 6 of us, because I didn’t go checking the EU realms.

Saresa brought the WoW Armory Character Distribution Widget to my attention in her post 44% of Saresa’s recommend…

So at this point I had to check it out… What I find is wierd! (more…)

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