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Glyph of the Gnome

I’m not sure how many Glyph posts I have started and abandoned.

It’s not that I am unhappy with the Major Glyphs, although I am sure we all have ideas on how they can be improved.

My problem tends to be with the Minor Glyphs.

I can’t find 3 I want as either Mage or Shaman.

So here’s my proposal to Blizzard.

Glyph of the Gnome.

I aint Gnome Angel


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Why we must reclaim Gnomeregan



It’s not why you think!

  • It’s not to remove the dishonor of its occupation by filthy Troggs.
  • It’s not to save our poor leprous cousins.
  • It’s not to save the environment by stopping the seepage of radioactive wastes through the sewers of Azeroth.

The Goblins are not the only small race to be subjugated by oppressors! (more…)

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Totally Owned by a 72 DK!

Currently, as I write this, running some old world raids.

Onyxia and AQ20 down already.

2 Gnomes

 We picked up a 72 DK for the night…

He’s totally owning me on the Damage Meters!

Who says DKs are OP?

Might keep him I think…

Gnomer and Out!

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I have noticed a common thread amongst my cud chewing Tauren, spliff blowing Troll, zug zugging Orc, bone rattling forsaken and magic fume sniffing Blood Elf blogging colleagues.

The dislike Gnomes!?

  • They have grudging respect for Dwarves and their beer swilling antics.
  • They lurv the Draenei chicks and their tentacles (especially in plate)
  • They envy The Human relationship skills, and the reputation that it brings.
  • They hate the Night Elves, but then, who doesn’t?

But Gnomes…

It seems to oscillate between complete hatred to complete ambivalence (more…)

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Gnomish Taxi Cab Co.

I have a dream…

I can sit online for hours per day just chatting to mates and making money.

Ok, so I have two dreams.

Sitting online hours per day, chatting to mates and making money, and…

Becoming the CGO (Chief Gnomish Officer) of my own transport company.

I would call it.. (more…)

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Happy Now?



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Do Gnomes smoke?

Dalaran from Mechanostrider

For a long time now I have had a quiet chuckle each time I launched myself onto my Mechanostrider and head off.

The reason is the huge puff of smoke that shoots out the back of my strider to the cacophony of squeaking and spluttering Gnome Engineered parts.

But I noticed something when I jumped on my immaculately groomed Cenarion War Hippogryph and launched myself into the sky the other day… (more…)

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