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Fantasy Warcraft League

I’m not a big sports fan, but I understand there is something around called the Fantasy Football League and if my primitive understanding is correct, the concept is that supporters pick what they believe would be the ultimate team of the season.

What would that team look like if it was composed of Warcraft Bloggers and the Superbowl was The Lich King?

I’m not sure I would make the team, but I’d happily join in as a rookie. I’m sure Larisa would be prominent in the EU competition.

I think if I was to build a US/Oceanic team I would start, and quite possibly end, with Jong.

A one man team?

You know as well as I do, that when the chips are down the shirt comes off and not even Arthas could stand before that waxed chest (yes, I still visualize him as a Belf, even after all this time).

He wouldn’t be quite alone of course, I would be his water-Gnome, there to provide mineral replenishing Mage water and high energy food.

I’d be there to wipe the sweat from his brow with the hem of my Blood Mage robe.

Ohhh hang on a tick, does Jong sweat? Is the thought of Jong working up a sweat while saving the world somehow anti-Jong? Is he like the hero(ines) in the movies who save the world yet come out with perfect makeup (man-product) and hair perfect but for one lose strand?

Name your league

So tell me, who is in your perfect W-League team?


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Happy Birthday Celeglin!

Who is Celeglin?

A reader, whose birthday is on the 23rd. He wanted an awesome post for his birthday, unfortunately this is the best he will get.

Happy 2nd Blogday Gnomeaggedon!

I wanted an awesome post for my 2nd blogday, unfortunately this is the best I am going to get.

Celeglin inspires me

Nevertheless, an email from Celeglin has inspired this post, so here we go…

Just wondering how you’re enjoying the Fire Festival. Would love to hear of any crazy hijinks haha

Fire, ahhh Fire!

As I said to Gaz the other day on Twitter…

Fire is not a Spec, it’s a way of life!


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It’s Krizzlybear’s (the real life Kriz) birthday today…

Well my today, your tomorrow.

Whenever the 6th falls for you.

So I am hoping you can all help me out.

You see I am not so good with words… Oh I can spew hundreds, nay thousands of them into a blog post without any difficulty, however there is nothing pretty about it.

Therefore I need your help…

Write Krizzly some prose (I think that’s something like literary), or a Limerick, a haiku, or, I don’t know…

He’s one of those literary types.. so I know he loves it… something about Steam-Punk-Fu?

Any Fu is Good Foo?

So. write it in the comments below, so when Krizzly wakes up for his birthday, he’s got a big birthday card waiting for him.

Krizzlybear, Krizzlybear, Krizzlybear,
You change my days to happiness, from despair,
You stand up for Frost
So we know all is not lost,
Happy birthday to you Krizzlybear!

Gnomer and Out

PS: you know how I know it’s Krizzlybear’s birthday today? (more…)

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Just a short one, because as instructed, I have put my feet up and I am in the process of knocking over a few Dwarven ales.

Still, considering the last couple of posts about achievements, I can’t let this one slip through.

I’m not sure whether I should be thanking:

  • The 300,000 of you that visited once… or
  • The 1 of you that visited 300,000 times… or
  • The 299,999 attempts by spammers + the  one of you that dropped by.

Whoever I need to thank, and I’m sure you know who you are…


Gnomer and Out!

PS: I don’t do it for the hits.. and I have long since stopped publishing these things, but I just couldn’t help myself, because you know what day I hit 300k?

Yep the same day I knocked over Loremaster & Explorer.

Thanks for coming!

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Gone but not forgotten

In the last week or so we have seen a few Bloggers hang up their keyboards Pike, Drug, Jong and I suspect Megan by association (she did give notice a while back… But looks like she is leaving us on a cliff hanger) and a few more.

(Although there is one Locktess with the Mostess that wont stay down…)

It is hard to take the blogger disappearances especially if you are a loyal fanboy errr reader like me.

The 1st time Megan threw in the blogging towel I was devastated. I spent that day in a complete daze and the next couple scratching my head.

I embarked on campaigns to bring her back… I did the same with Jong later.

In hindsight I realize how selfish I was… Still am for that matter. These wonderful people, wonderful writers gave a piece of themselves regularly, if not daily, then closed the door (more…)

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  • My Feedreader is consistently at 1,000+ unread posts.
  • My Mage category is consistently at 150+ unread posts
  • My Shaman category is consistently at 90+ unread posts

Dont get me started on the others…

Anyway, this means I do stupid things like hassle harried history students about things that I could probably work out myself, while my feedreader laughs at me because 2 posts away are tons of posts about Fire Mages in General and Fire PvP Specifically.

So apologies up front to Rip if I have dragged him away from his studies.  If you have started, don’t stop.  I haven’t found a source of Fire Mages enchants and gemming wisdom yet…

Meanwhile here are some links.. (more…)

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Reindeer Droppings

I mentioned the other day that Gnomeaggedon’s Reindeer had been leaving it’s mark around the WoW Blogsphere… so here’s an update…

Frost is the New Black

What Frost Means To Me… [by Gnomer!]

Pink Pigtail Inn

This Rounds on Me!


A Guest Post: Gnomeaggedon’s “I Smell Xmas Panties”

For the Horde

O Hai Thrall

That’s it for now.

Until I get moved into the new place I will be AFB (Away from Blog), but all being well I will be back Monday my time…

Ohh final note, thanks to those that have let me share my thoughts on their blog.

Thanks also to Krizzlybear and Sylus for doing guest posts here at the home of the Gnome.

If I don’t get to you before, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year (with no offense intended to others of other faiths, but this is the season to be Santa),

Gnomer and Out, Squidly and Stout!


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