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If Women Ruled WoW

A new twist on an old issue…

If Women Ruled WoW (Machinima ft. The Women of WoW, Jesse Cox, and WoWCrendor)

Gnomer and Out!


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Gripping and Leaping to a BG win

I recently wrote, as an aside, of the power of a team of Priests in WSG Life Gripping (yeah OK, Leap of Faith) a flag carrier across midfield in a long chain.

My last post was about peeling FTW, and many of the contents of this post are peels of one sort of another.

I was inspired by another use of Leap of Faith over the weekend which got me considering all those utility tools we have and their use in the WSG and Twin Peaks Battlegrounds

Catching the Carrier: Gripping FTW!

Lot’s of classes have snares, stuns and CCs (which I will get to), but just like snakes and ladders you want the Enemy Flag Carrier (efc) closer to your base – further from theirs.

Whether you pull back or blow back, they are precious yards that the efc has to regain. At times this is will just slow their forward momentum, at others snatch victory from a certain flag cap defeat.

The one thing to consider (as I was made acutely aware in TP the other day… In ALL CAPS), is you need to pick your time. Death Gripping or blowing an efc from your death dealing team mates may give the efc the break they need (Like cycloning an enemy on 10% health when everyone’s cooldowns are blown and the kill window is lost – not cool!).

Death Gripping FTW!

One step forward, two steps back. A Death Grip can do this to an efc, especially if properly timed with a follow up Chains of Ice or other snares, stuns and CC. The efc will blow his trinket early and be left at the mercy of your flag chasers.

You could also pull the efc sideways across the field into the waiting arms of your flag running group – away from the support of his group. Of course if his support group has a priest it could become a game of flag-carrier-tennis.

Gripping the last chance

You can smell the sense of frustration in a flag carrier as they reach the podium for a cap, only to be yanked back to the doorway.

That last second tackle is worth 1000 midfield (more…)

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