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That winning peeling…

It peels good to win doesn’t it?

In both PvE and PvP winning usually involves defeating an opponent and/or gaining an objective.

Sometimes to kill one opponent, we have to deal with several.

In PvE, we deal with this in one of two ways:

  • AoE FTW!
    AoE becomes the norm after a certain gear level has been reached – normally where tank and healer are both up to the job.
  • CC and focus.
    CC is often used haphazardly until this iLevel point, or because the party prefers control and is used to control.

In PvP, whether BGs, Arenas or World PvP, AoE doesn’t work so well.  Some of us are intelligent enough to know when we are standing in the bad, and without the computer generated concept of threat, we can move away.  Of course some people will play by human generated threat, and just stand and slug it out, ignoring the negligible incoming damage.

CC and snares, even with their reduced duration and diminishing returns in PVP, are still the best way to deal with masses of opponents.

Decisions… decisions….

Your 1st reactions when entering mass combat should be:

  1. Who is the focus target?, and
    You want to know the focus target 1st… no point in CC’ing a target that is about to be destroyed – especially with cyclone which just makes that target immune to it’s imminent death (giving their healers time to top off their health).
  2. Who do I CC?, and
    Next you want to identify and CC – repeatedly if possible – additional targets. Healers are often the 1st choice, although sometimes you may be better off CC’ing another target (say the flag carrier) and destroying the healer that is keeping your opponents alive.  Whatever the case, pick one – CC them, make sure they stay that way. Worst case is they blow their trinket to get out of your CC… now they wont be doing that for a couple more minutes, so CC them again!
  3. Is this the fight I need to win?
  • Do you need to win this fight?
    Are you fighting for the survival of your flag carrier, or to return your flag to the base to enable a cap?  If so, this is a noble cause worth fighting for, now is the time to use all the tricks in your spellbook, CC and snares included.
  • Is this a distraction from the primary goal?
    Does the player you are fighting bear no relationship to the state and position of your flag carriers (or team mates in need)? If so, you are wasting, or maybe they are wasting, your time, energy and health bar.  You are better served putting your resources where they are needed.Yes there are times where it is a worthwhile cause to fight without any objectives in play.
    – Maintaining a clean midfield – when no flag carriers are at risk, or running right by you.
    – Holding 5 players away from a node so it can tick over.
    Of course, once again these are tactical fights.  They are performing a service to the team, not just putting the team a player down.

Picking your fights and peeling FTW!

So let’s talk about peeling, probably only a term known, in context, by PvPers even though it has fundamentally the same intent as CC’ing or kiting adds in PvE.

The objective is to peel (more…)

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