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I won’t give up because…

I don’t play to give up.

At a time when more often than not people are lamenting the lack of difficult PvE encounters, I have chosen to spend my time playing against people, unpredictable people, in PvP encounters.

Katherine commented on my last post that people probably just want to collect their honor for the loss and start again.

I’m sure she’s right, after all 3 quick losses will give you the same honor as one long win and significantly more than one drawn our loss.

Still I don’t play for honor points, I play for battleground honor.

The honor of knowing I never gave up, I gave as good as I can for as long as the battle lasted.

Really, we are lucky to get honor for a loss.

Imagine a boss kill attempt, where you are given gold and epics for taking the boss to 30%. You only get rewards in PvE for successfully completing a task.

When I enter a BG, it is to win it (more…)

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