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Uphill both ways in the snow

100 gold, a red power crystal, a couple of xmas recipes and the odd herb.

This was the contents of my Druid’s bags, which doesn’t mean it was all his. This was in reality the sum total of all my characters possessions, including my bank alt, last played 3 months before The Burning Crusade launched.

  • Years to accumulate 50 odd levels
  • Years to accumulate 100 gold
  • Years to afford a few 8 slot bags, a handful of 6 slot bags and rubbish not even a vendor would buy.

Then The Burning Crusade approached, our guild was in trouble, a new Oceanic server came online, and in the quiet of the night 5 players quietly rerolled on the new server.

Gnomeaggedon was born…

Getafixsnow was forgotten.

These were the days before server transfers, race changes, name changes, sex changes or even game changes.

Gnomeaggedon was born in these times as well, but he exploded eager into Outland, where epically powered greens fell from mobs giving five times the XP as the hardest Vanilla boss. Gold nuggets could be found rotting on the ground.

Not long after Gnomeaggedon reached Hellfire Peninsula he had his epic land mount, something that Getafixsnow (and Snowdabow before him) had aspired to, knowing it would be forever out of his reach.

Very soon after, maybe only weeks later, Gnomeaggedon had his first flying mount.


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