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Gnomeadeaden leveled at Unholy, with a side of Blood when I was taking too much punishment.

Gnomeaggedon was Fire, only Fire. PvE – Fire, PvP – Fire.

Gnomeadeaden has never been good at either spec, but being the hero class, it really didn’t matter too much. So slowly my fingers learnt which buttons to press independent of thought and sight.

Of course, just as I was getting the hang of it, I swapped Unholy for Frost.

Frost and Blood are great for PvP. Blood is great as you can hold a node, or tank a Battleground boss for a long time without healers. You may not do much damage, but you are damn hard to kill… while you are alive, no one is touching that flag.

Frost on the other hand is great for stopping and killing. Chains of Ice don’t just snare, but also trap. Hungering Cold will Iceblock a bunch of folks, giving you time to pick your target, or a chance for your flag carrier to get away.

I think this guy disapproves of many people at the PvP vendors

If only I could remember the keybinds! (more…)

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