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Well the annual children’s week slaughter is well underway.

It’s a strange time of year in the BGs, and there is basically one of two philosophies that one can adopt, as so well expressed by Cynwise last year.

You can either:

I subscribe to the philosophy of waiting to see the colour of their jib.

Gnomeaggedon, Plaguezilla and Daror on a WSG outing

I will:

  • Wait patiently with the Alliance innocents and their orphans to determine whether any white remains in the eyes of the approaching Horde… if there is nothing but blood, then blood will be spilled, or
  • Head to their flag room to offer free flag returns (and if they harm a hair on my head… well, I take names and hand out numbers just like a supermarket deli queue… your time will come), or
  • Slaughter the 1st Horde that looks at me sideways, upways, downways, anyways.

I’m not fussed either way, either combat will be entered at the 5 minute mark, or it will be entered at the 1 minute mark… when it is entered, there will be blood (more…)

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