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I’m constantly showing Odin (1) new, amazing, things. At 4.5 years old the majority of the world is new, unexplored or at the very least unexplained.

Yet whenever I show him something new, something that I am so excited that I am getting the chance to introduce him to, his response is nearly always the same.

Yeah Dad, I know, seen that.

In the morning I wake him early to see the mob of Kangaroos eating the vegie garden (2), he just rolls over…

Yeah Dad, I know, seen that.

I take him to the zoo and show him weird and wonderful natural creatures…

Yeah Dad, I know, seen that.

I think if I took him back to Mauritius, proved the world wrong and found the last remaining Dodo of which there aren’t even pictures, he would say…

Yeah Dad, I know, seen that.

How can all the wonder of the world be stolen from a 4.5 year old?

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  • TV, the Internet and books

Been there, done that, saw the movie before it was released.

Ring any bells?

They all amount to one thing – guides.

Which makes me reflect on the state of WoW, more specifically the WoW player-base, or to hone right in, the guide reading WoW player-base.

We do ourselves no favors proclaiming that the magic has gone, while staring at WoWhead, MMOChampion, WoWInsider or, ummm yeah blogs like this one.

Ever hung out for a new movie, maybe right from the moment it was 1st announced, read every review and update on the movie, watched the “making of” even before the movie was released, maybe just watched the commercial showing the 3 highlights from the movie only to be completely dissatisfied as you leave the theatre?

Ring any bells?

“Vanilla was the best because it was hard back then!”

Funny, cause I have a Wrath Newborn non-guide-reading mate who finds the game really challenging and exciting and umm magical. (more…)

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