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10:15 on a Friday night

No relevance to WoW (in the end)

No,  you just have to sit in my teenage mind for a little while tonight (more…)

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There are no healers

Alliance never heals

Why you all suxxor?

If we lose this it’s because of x, y AND z.

If we lose this it’s because I got no heals

I’m top of the damage meters, you shuddup

Blah, blah, friggin, BLAH!

Whinger of the Weak

Pixxul gets my inaugural Whinger of the Weak award (more…)

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Battlegrounds: Don’t give up

No serious, don’t give up.

I’ve had two experiences in the last couple of days that just reinforce this.

WSG – Losing in style

The 1st was a loss in WSG.

It started as a typical loss… 12 people protecting our flag carrier, 2 of us trying to retrieve our flag, while the flag carrier bitched at us (the 2 of us trying to take our flag back from 5) endlessly.

I did explain at one point that if everyone wasn’t on D we might have had a chance… which he scoffed at, as he was too important…

You know…

I need 12 people to protect me, and 12 people to rescue our flag… why are you two so fail?


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Easter is Cancelled

Due to a slight accident by the lover of all things living, Gnomeadeaden, Easter has been cancelled.

When questioned by authorities Gnomeadeaden responded:

I was only trying to squeeze all the chocolate eggs out of the rabbits!

You know, trying to be helpful😦

Help was sought from Squidly for a quick resurrection, however (more…)

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Tea-bagged by Blizzard

TreeHuggerDave got Tea-bagged by Blizzard.

He had Justice points spilling out the seams of his badly stitched druid gear.

So looking for a worthwhile Justice Point sink, he bought himself, for only 3,000 Justice points a satchel of Freshly-Picked Herbs.

OK, cool.. sounds good… or not…

lol.. OMFG!

Noob you got pwned by Blizzard!

pwned and kicked in the nads

pwned, kicked in the nads and then tea-bagged!

Seriously Blizzard… it’s bad enough that JP are worthless after your 1st run through the normal instances… but wtf?

Give us raw gems like in WoLK.. you know, something useful

But seriously, don’t kick a Boomkin while he’s down.

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I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but…

you are already dead!

So said TreeHuggerDave when we were in an Arena the other night.

I’m still dealing with latency issues an it can be humorous at times.

1 out of 100 times mind you.

It really plays tricks on your mind.

If you are casting, that instant cast spell stretching out over 3,4,5,10 seconds starts to alter your perception of time.

If you aren’t casting spells, it’s hard to tell that you are lagging sometimes. The client is doing it’s best to update and everything seems in place until


it all comes back to the correct position.

The 100% health bars are now suddenly precariously low 100% to 5% in less than a second (more…)

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Naaah, not really.

Regurgitator – I Like Your Old Stuff Better Then Your New Stuff

To be completely honest, the thought, then the song, just slipped into my mind while I was reading an old post of Tam’s over at Righteous Orbs… where well I guess if I had to chose between old stuff and non-existent new stuff, I would definitely lean towards the old.

Regurgitator – Black Bugs

From Tam’s post I found myself kinda wandering, from blog to blog (more…)

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