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Friend and Foe

Dailies can be a bitch, especially when you are killing 14 ghosts, 12 spiders, 12 leftovers and collecting the odd femur and plank of wood. The mini bosses should be easy…

Problim, no problem!

But it never hurts to lend a hand to a toon in need, especially one unfortunate enough to be in an area heavily farmed up until moments before, so now respawning madly even though everyone has gone.

I don’t know about you, but when I am doing my “kill a kazillion insert-name-here” quests, I throw blind party invites out left right and centre.

Things have changed since LFG interface, a blind invite is useful 99% of the time.

I figure that if I can get these sometimes painful tasks over in 1/2 or 1/3 of the time, that is more time for fishing.

If I end a fight with a spare Hotstreak, I’m more than happy to launch it at the nearest mob, even if it is already tagged.

Alliance I invite, Horde I try to beat to the tag, but is shames me to say, I will help a Hordie out with a little extra DPS from time to time (especially if it’s a mob that needs to die before it will respawn).

I was hunting First Lieutenant Connor in Tol’Barad Peninsula the other day when I came across a Tauren Boomkin Druid by the name of Woodpaw (more…)

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