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Regaining the love of a wipe

Maybe not so much in a PuG, but certainly from within the safety of a guild or friend group.

It’s not something I have experienced in a while, appreciating a wipe, but Cataclysm has brought that back to the game.

Whether it’s in a raid due to inexperience, raid composition or even complete personal stuff up (admit it we all have them, that’s why the dance is so beautiful when we all move in step with no toes trodden).

Heroic Wipes

Heroic instances likewise have wipes of joy, those damn chains in Blackrock caverns are the source of much wipe mirth. (Did you know you can blink with the chain attached, this getting out of range of the AoE 1st, destroying the chain 2nd… Just destroy that chain).

Normal Wipes

Even wipes in normals are a joyous occasion under the right circumstances. One of the things I am loving about Streakers is that they are more than happy to lower themselves to run the young 80’s and freshly minted 85’s through normals. A lot of fun can be had putting fresh tanks and healers through their paces.

Raiding Wipes

Getting the same 10 people together night after night, week after week can be a challenge, so you have to love a raid wipes, you just have to, or you wouldn’t do it. To many ranged, not enough ranged… what we need tanks? Then there are the mechanics, even when understood they aren’t mastered, but as a lover of wipes raiding is fun.

What about Rated Battlegrounds?

Ohhh wipefest!

We finally got a group together to try out the punishment that is Rated BGs.

It only took 2 weeks and 2 hours to get a team together.

Once again those wonderful folk at Streakers, PvP lovers and shunners alike. The team we went in with was basically 100% of the online guildies, many that didn’t want to PvP, but gave it a shot purely to allow us to get the required 10 warm bodies.

I /salute you all (more…)

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