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Tol’Barad: WTF?

Tol’Barad is (has) a PvP zone.

I like PvP.

I like PvP so much that after getting to 85, all I have done on Gnomeaggedon is PvP.

I did try leveling via Battlegrounds with Squidly, but what I found was soul destroying. One SotA involved one player boarding a Demo (me), 2 players fighting the Horde (ineffectively) and 12 players… don’t know what they were doing, but they weren’t near the action. After 4 similar BGs I gave up and quested with Squidly.

As I mentioned earlier, I PvP’d with Gnomeaggedon once I hit level 85… for 2 weeks straight. Heaps of the 15 man’s led by Staylaughing/Sen’jin from QueueQ.

We averaged about 50 honor each battle, but they were fun and it was an honor being a part of the crew helping Qesta/Frostwolf achieve Battlemaster.

There were also a few Alterac Valleys thrown in, at about 100 honor per battle they are still about the best honor, although the Horde did force many a turtle.

Randoms were reasonable honor, 45 for a loss, 100 for a win, 200 for the 1st win of the day.

Call to Arms weekends were a write-off – no bonus honor for the Alliance, just for the Horde – not going to happen!

I have run a great mix of BGs growing to love the new ones.

I have singlehandedly gained the Horde Slayer achievement for my (old) guild.

I have collected a full set of the honor PvP gear, via, believe it or not… PvP.

Which is where Tol’Barad gets my blood boiling, gets me cursing my non-PvPing mates and sending frustrated twitters to Blizzard (more…)

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