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Big scary WoW Muppet

I found a big scary Muppet in WoW.

Anyone else seen it and run for cover?

Gnomer and Out!

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I started Saturday as the most hugged blogger of 2010 and ended the day as the blogger most in need of hugs 2011.

No, don’t panic, I’m fine, happy and healthy, if a little tired.

This is a story of support during depression with a little WoW twist thrown in.

As you may be aware I spoke a lot about depression, mine and my family’s back in Movember. I mentioned then that it can be a long hard journey and it is.

Saturday afternoon I was alerted by the police to my ex-wife’s latest suicide intentions. She had made it public via Facebook and the level of support and concern from her friends was astounding, with those that know her boyfriend or I,  contacting us and those that don’t contacting the police who then contacted me.

Truly it was a wonderful thing to see so many people going to such lengths to save her life.

My evening was spent fielding Facebook enquiries and phone calls from friends and international family.

Remember, no matter how dark it gets, no matter how alone you feel, you are not alone, you are loved by all the people whose lives you have touched.

We will not be better of without my ex-wife, we will not be better off without YOU.

Those Movember posts…

Me on the otherhand…

Well there is a WoW argument for being better off without me.. (more…)

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If you enjoy a BG or two…. Mmmm let me rephrase that…

If you would like to enjoy a BG or two, there is a good chance that you have played with people that have not read the various “How to win” BG guides out there, produced by the likes of Cynwise, WoWInsider or even myself.

No, more likely you have played with people that have studied the “How to Lose” range of guides.

Yet you are perplexed. You have googled “How to lose X Battleground”, yet you haven’t been able to fin them.

Just to make your life easier, I am going to write just such a series of guides. Today’s installment is:

How to lose: Battle for Gilneas.

Don’t talk

To be honest this is a rule for all BGs you intend to lose.

Don’t even say hello to your team mates

If you talk to your team mates, you might form a temporary bond, become more than just a collection of individuals with disparate goals.

Worse yet, you may be breaking the ice and encouraging them to speak out when it’s important.

Do your best to discourage communication!

Don’t suggest a strategy

Whatever you do, don’t suggest a strategy, not even an intentionally fail strategy. If you do you may fail in your objective and by complete accident forge the group into a coordinated group of winners (more…)

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Throw them to the lions

A combination of work (why do we always work longer and harder after holidays? Is it punishment? Is it to make up for all of those lost days of productivity? I have come to believe that holidays are an illusion) and, the gods forbid, writing some blog posts, have meant that my play time has been a bit limited.

I don’t quite seem to have the time to complete an instance (I might if I hadn’t waited 40 minutes in the queue), finish some dailies, win a BG, etc…

Pirates can't have taken my bandwidth, must be the NINJAS!

I won’t even mention the 8pm ninja lag… It’s lag that isn’t visible via ping tests etc, often WoW tells me I have a comfortable 300ms ping, yet it will take some 15 seconds to do anything… Anything!

This has lead to some unsatisfactory, well unfulfilled, time in game (more…)

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Do you ever revisit previous content?

Not in the sense of best of 2010, best of Expansion X, not even visiting the content you may have missed.

No I mean, do you ever go back to the zone (or part of the zone) you just completed?

Until WoLK there was absolutely no value in returning to areas you had comprehensively completed.

WoLK and it’s limited phasing introduced this to some extent, flight masters and vendors would appear where previously there were none.

Wrathgate ensured we could forever hear the screams of the burning fallen and their tormented souls.

Apart from that, I don’t ever remember a reason to return to a zone, to observe MY heroic impact on that zone.

Let’s face it, unless you had a damn good reason (like you are a gatherer) why would you.

You completed the quests, got the achievement, you are done, there are better loots in the next zone, more story lines to ignore, raids to be prepared for.

Gnomes don’t blink backwards.

Ok, sure, 6 years down the track we can still blink and stay in the same place, which given the right conditions feels like I have gone backwards, but I digress (as usual).

As much as I have been at pains to read the quest text, follow the stories and develop that hero that we all know Gnomeaggedon is.

There have been weird moments, like doing The Throne of the Tides and not understanding the significance of the squid head, only to complete the zone and do a big…

Ahhh now I get it!

But, for all my care, Gnomeaggedon always moved forward, never looking back and what he had wrought (more…)

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Because I can…

It’s not (about) you, it’s (about) me.

Rebecca from MMO Melting Pot, on ObscureCast #28 defined Cataclysm in one word as Heroic. In the sense that in WoLK we were sidekicks in the action, where as in Cataclysm we are the heroes.

Well, I am the hero!

I know I am the hero because when I reach NPCs, even days after being given urgent quests, the first words out of the NPC’s mouth are something like….

Ahhh Gnomeaggedon, there you are. We really don’t have a chance here, but after hearing so much about you, I know we have at last got a shot.

and of course…

My you’re a tall one!

When it is all done, the quest complete, this little part of the world saved, I get something like.

You did it Gnomeaggedon!

We were doomed, but because of you the sun will shine once more, the flowers will bloom and the rabbits will… err… do what rabbits do.

I do feel kinda of sorry for you mere mortals, but feel free to live in my shadow… here, there is some space right here…

Ohhh my shadow is like that of the BG gear vendors in Stormwind, impenetrable.

Ohhh well, watch your step… Don’t trip on my shadow, I’m not paying your repairs nor throwing you a heal.

The upside for me (downside for you) of my amazing reputation, is I can do things, anything…



I find myself teleporting around the world. Don’t bother tracking me down, one moment Stormwind, next Dalaran, why not visit Tol’Barad.

I don’t do this for any particular reason, except… (more…)

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Tol’Barad: WTF?

Tol’Barad is (has) a PvP zone.

I like PvP.

I like PvP so much that after getting to 85, all I have done on Gnomeaggedon is PvP.

I did try leveling via Battlegrounds with Squidly, but what I found was soul destroying. One SotA involved one player boarding a Demo (me), 2 players fighting the Horde (ineffectively) and 12 players… don’t know what they were doing, but they weren’t near the action. After 4 similar BGs I gave up and quested with Squidly.

As I mentioned earlier, I PvP’d with Gnomeaggedon once I hit level 85… for 2 weeks straight. Heaps of the 15 man’s led by Staylaughing/Sen’jin from QueueQ.

We averaged about 50 honor each battle, but they were fun and it was an honor being a part of the crew helping Qesta/Frostwolf achieve Battlemaster.

There were also a few Alterac Valleys thrown in, at about 100 honor per battle they are still about the best honor, although the Horde did force many a turtle.

Randoms were reasonable honor, 45 for a loss, 100 for a win, 200 for the 1st win of the day.

Call to Arms weekends were a write-off – no bonus honor for the Alliance, just for the Horde – not going to happen!

I have run a great mix of BGs growing to love the new ones.

I have singlehandedly gained the Horde Slayer achievement for my (old) guild.

I have collected a full set of the honor PvP gear, via, believe it or not… PvP.

Which is where Tol’Barad gets my blood boiling, gets me cursing my non-PvPing mates and sending frustrated twitters to Blizzard (more…)

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