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Merry Christmas… BE SAFE!

Hi folks,

a short one to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

More importantly a safe one.

Christmas is for family and friends, yet it is often a time when family and friends are taken from us.

Please be safe this holiday period.

The following video is very distressing, but it hits me in the gut every time I watch it (and I have watched it many times).

It reminds me that while I consider myself a good driver, there are many things out of my control and while I am controlling a deadly vehicle, safety is more important that a few minutes shaved off a trip.

Arriving alive is more important than enjoying the view.

The car is neither love nest, nor boxing ring.

Stop and pay attention.

Make sure you are in the right frame of mind before getting behind the wheel.

Pull over if you are tired.

And for all that is precious, do not drive under the influence!

If you have suffered from road trauma, directly or indirectly, the video may not be for you.

If you consider yourself a good driver that can handle anything, then maybe it’s worth a watch.

Gnomer and Out!


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