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No Cataclysm for me

I guess by now many of you are in a Cataclysm frenzy.

I wish I could say the same… unfortunately, the store where I pre-purchased my copy closes at 6pm… and it wasn’t allowed to be released until 7pm.

I might have hung around a couple of hours after work to pick it up… but no point waiting outside their door all night.

Of course some shops were releasing it earlier… but my shop was following the rules.

Stupid rules.

Enjoy the crush folks!

Gnomer and Out!

I guess I will just download the Cataclysm client, then whack my rego code in tomorrow…  Two letters away from Cataclysm …thanks for the tip Aurdon! At least that way I wont spend a couple of hours staring at a download screen.

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PS: and yes of course you can still learn from, or give to Movember!

You can give via Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Paypal.

Paypal, perfect for those abstained coffee donations

Go on.. wouldn’t you buy a coffee to keep someone alive?

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Gotcha you mongrel!

11th hour maybe…


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