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Putting the Aggro in Mage since 2004

Our Lich King attempts continue, some better, some worse.

I think the mistake we made last night was that we didn’t sacrifice a Gnome to the gods early in each attempt, as I think we did better the previous night.

I have to say, I have missed the “wipe without grief” that you get in a guild run. Rather than grief, it’s…

Good attempt folks, watch this, watch that, that other thing went really well, now let’s pull it all together and take him down

It’s kind of an alt run.. I think there are a few mains, but it’s primarily alts and one guild associate (which is me, and it’s a term I just made up.. but I get along great with these guys in BGs and arenas and they needed a sacrificial Gnome… so here I am).

I’m really happy that we haven’t one-shot him, it actually feels like I’m earning (hopefully) my place, and not just in for the honor with a bunch of veterans.

They are a good humored bunch of folk too.

I think the intention tonight is for 9 of us to do 10 suicide leaps from Dalaran so we can get our gear to 0% durability and see whether the main tank notices (yeah he gets a bit focused, or hopeful, and forgets to repair his gear… not a problem, just a source of ribbing).

Maybe we should just get nekkid😉 (more…)

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