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shattering had left me disappointed, confused and a little annoyed

That was my response to a tweet from Prelimar about the recent changes in WoW.

It also sums up the way I feel much of the time when I am depressed.  No I’m not depressed right now, but right at this point of time my interest has waned for WoW, I dare say a temporary thing and I think much of how I feel is summed up in Bear’s post.

So back on topic… where to start…

Talking about it

My ex-wife tried to kill herself last Monday.

Things were going really well for her, but that black dog grabbed her and shook her till she gave up.

Luckily her boyfriend was home, he called me in a panic, then got her to hospital and she was released in the wee hours of the morning.

She is much better now, and determined to be around for a long time.

I hope she keeps it together and it was a good sign that she attended the Movember Gala event… what a good place to beat back the black dog, surrounded by people who understand, that are supportive and prepared to have a laugh in the face of depression.

OK, I accept that may have been a bit of an over the top introduction… maybe my wife’s recent state more so than my apathy for WoW, but I guess it was in part to show that some things, no matter how dire, shouldn’t just be covered up.  They need to be talked about and we can talk about them without shame.

There is more shame in a black eye… there is a good chance you deserve that.

The Moscar is awarded to the best Movember video

So how are you feeling?


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