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The title of this may just give away the general theme of this post, but don’t let that dissuade you from reading it… hell there are a lot of reasons not to read my posts, don’t let me being blindingly obvious be one of them. Anyway, I’m here for the good news stories.. everyone loves a happy ending don’t they?

Last time I wrote of my apparently amazing, practically overnight recovery from years of depression.

If I gave the impression that a visit to a shrink solved my problems overnight, then I am sorry. I know some people do permanently overcome depression, but I’m not going to giving you a false sense of comfort.  I changed, over a long period of time, from living with – accepting – depression, to managing it to the point where it doesn’t interfere with my life.  Some times it doesn’t rear it’s ugly head for long periods of time, other times, when life is rough, it takes some conscious effort.

But, that 1st trip to the shrink did bring me back from the brink, I had a purpose again, I had assistance to get well, it was no longer hopeless… there was a future and there was an immediate lift in my mood.

Anyway, back in story telling mode…

A few years after getting help and sorting my life out, a time that involved timeout by myself, changing habits of a lifetime, working crazy hours on crazy hard projects, even nursing my brother-in-law through home-based palliative care (and staying on a while longer to make sure my sister had a good chance of getting back on her feet), one of those things that you only see in pathetic chick-flicks happened (more…)

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