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I’m loyal to my guild, but…

…what am I going to do in Cataclysm?

Can I trust Squidly not to run off in search of shiny guild rewards?

Will a 100% attendance by my guild, even though it is only 10% or 4% of a raid, count towards leveling my incredibly exclusive guild?

Am I truly about to become an outcast, far more deprived than as a refugee from Gnomeregan?

I appreciate that Blizzard wants to encourage guild… ummm… Something. You know, where you’re stuck with people you don’t like, that don’t appreciate you or your desire for playstyle, rather than moving into that one room studio apartment of a guild that you realize suits you best at this late stage of wow life.

Matticus on TNB100 suggests now is the time to find your guild (more…)

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5000g or $25?

How much is WoW gold worth these days?

I think you’d be lucky to get 5,000 gold for $25.

Come Cataclysm that’s what I’m expecting to pay on my one-off purchase.

Of course I will be buying directly from Blizzard, not from any of the account hacking gold sellers.

Likewise I won’t truly see 5,000 appear in my WoW bank, but I will be saving it.

As they say, a copper saved is a copper earned.

Now Gnomeaggedon won’t be out of pocket either way, Squidly on the other hand will have to make a request to the exchequer of the Gnomeregan exchange for 5,000 and I already know the outcome of that request…


So I have no doubt that Squidly will make an exchange on the grey money market (or is that green?) to ensure that he can ride in luxury without disturbing Gnomeaggedon’s nest egg (more…)

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I’m not a bot…

  • Just because I stand near a flag the whole battleground.
  • Just because I give Arcane Brilliance every few minutes.
  • Just because I chat in single abbreviations.

Right after purchasing my Arathi Basic mug the other day. In fact inspired by my purchase, I hit AB for a bit of fun.

We got off to a great start, in fact I had capped 3 bases before any had the chance to completely turn over.

Strange, I thought I already had that, but maybe it’s my lack of the achievement that speaks to my dedication for a team win over personal achievements.

  • Before I left LM, I checked for a guard. We had one, so I moved on.
  • Before I left Farm, I checked for a guard, we had several.
  • Before I left BS, I checked for a guard. There was none, so I stayed.

For the rest of the game I called troop movements and fought off attacks at BS. A couple of these I had to do alone, a couple the cavalry came to the rescue.

Whatever happened though, there was one thing you could be sure of, when everyone else had run off and the dust had settled, Gnomeaggedon would be guarding BS.

A bot might sit by a flag, but sitting by a flag does not make one automatically a bot!

I’m buffing your back!


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If only…

It happens about this time prior to each expansion. People get nostalgic, reflect upon all the things they did and enjoyed over the previous expansion, or even the whole life of WoW.

Some people stretch their reflections back as far as vanilla beta, others only one or two expansions back.

Stories of the good (and bad) old days, the great instances, events and periods in class dynamics.

Occasionally people, like Larisa, feel a little left out of the discussion. They feel they missed the exclusive parties, the invite to the standing room only events is the best they have ever achieved, no reserved seating for them.

Me, I get a little nostalgic for those things I have been “privileged” enough to experience since I joined in vanilla, but it is often the “If only…” things that I think of at this time.

I don’t feel like Larisa, in that I aren’t a part of an exclusive club, I was present in vanilla and if not for circumstances, I guess I could have been a member of that exclusive club.

The things I have missed (or delayed) have been due to choices made. First and foremost of those choices was to put my work, wife and child (and other family for that matter) ahead of WoW reducing me to one night per week, so I have no regrets, RL is always, always > WoW.

Bloody hell, that is one of a long preamble, which will continue just a little longer.

It isn’t other’s nostalgia that has spurred this post, rather a recent achievement, gained late, yet still gained, that brought this to mind. I finally completed “What a long strange trip it’s been”, got my protodrake and that feeling of “what now”.

TreeHuggerDave tells me that completing the “trip” was something that undermined his desire to continuing to play, due to “what next”.


If only…


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Better a newbie than a nub

This post is a part of Help a Noob day over at Zug Gaming

Better a newbie than a nub

  • If you get called a nub, it’s time to work out what you are doing so wrong.
  • If you are called a noob, it’s time to work out what you can do better.
  • If you get called a newbie, it’s time to celebrate each and every new experience and look forward to the joyful times of learning how you can be your best while having fun and lots of it.

I was a newbie once and with the coming Cataclysm I will be again, if only for a short period of time.

I have been a noob on many occasions over the past 5 odd years and even a nub on occasion.

Probably the most important thing to know about being a newbie is that we all were once and people will be surprisingly accepting of a new player, they may even be helpful – this isn’t as unusual as it may seem.

The challenges for you as a newbie are (more…)

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There goes the month’s budget

Did you see this?

Cynwise, who should need no introduction to my readers, but just in case, from Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual has “opened Cynwise’s Battlefield Store” with his topographical battleground maps. Clothes, bags, clocks, mugs… even baby clothes and bibs!

Who doesn’t want their newborn telling nubs to L2P!

Have a read of his post to see what words are delivered with your (go on, you know you want to!) goods. When you are at the store, you can click on the magnifying glass to get a good look at the designs.

Go spend money and send me an email if you need my postal address for gifts… kk?

PS: I know you are all shopping now to send me the perfect gift… but don’t send me the mug displayed above… that’s already on order.. which isn’t to say I have finished shopping you understand

Gnomer and Out Shopping!

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


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Day Dreamer


Where are you Gnome?

I want to tell you some great news gnome! (more…)

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