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NSFW, nor for under 18’s

I got told, by Syl from Raging Monkeys, to  go check out a BaronSoosdon video, which I did.

Which is where I came across the NSFW, nor for under 18’s video below.

In fact, the NSFW warning is nearly NSFW.

Click on the warning to get a reasonable picture of what you may, or may not, be about to watch.

People wonder why other people roleplay.

I wonder why we all don’t?

Sex, Gnomes And Videotape: So, I Went To France


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Stop asking for achievements!



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What will you do with Gnomeregan?

The time is here.

Jong reports from the front line (which may well be his balcony with an empty bottle of JD):

supaflyretpally @Gnomeaggedon Operation Gnomeaggedon is a go. Jong and the 2nd Battalion Elite Paladin Rangers are boarding C-130 at 1400 hours.

Gnomeaggedon @supaflyretpally Go get them Troggs and teach them 60’s music is dead! Ohhh wrong world… yeah clean up Gnomeregan and get me a good room!

supaflyretpally @Gnomeaggedon The Operation is proceeding with 93% efficiency. I got run over by mechanotank.

Gnomeaggedon @supaflyretpally typical that you would get an efficiency rating from Gnomes! Ignore the Mechanotanks, the biotanks you need to be afraid of

Which leaves me wondering whether his intention is to retake Gnomeregan or Gnomeaggedon. And if it’s me he’s retaking, where is he retaking me too? I’m hoping it’s that island of his with Megan taking the tops off icy cold Victoria Bitter stubbies…

What? A Gnome can dream can’t he?

What’s your dream of Gnomeregan?

We can assume that once the Trolls retake their homeland it will be 24/7 full moon parties all fueled by Ghost Mushrooms and Felweed.. (more…)

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Shaman can’t heal

and other nonsense.

Squidly continues to shame Gnomeaggedon. Well, Gnomeaggedon is doing fine, beyond shaming himself.

Gnomeaggedon receives [Muradin’s Spyglass].

Gnomeaggedon: Mmm I don’t need this, anyone want it?

2 hours pass

Gnomeaggedon: #%*# #%*# #%*#!!! damn that hourglass is now my top upgrade!

Tip: The optimize upgrades list in RAWR is based on current gear, so a single different piece of gear (say picking up your fourth T10 piece) can change the whole upgrade landscape.

Don’t be Gnome, regenerate your upgrade list before handing out BiS items to Offspec rolls!

Kashinboner is a great bloke.

Pretty much a full stop right there, but anyway, Kashinboner is a reader that dropped me an ingame whisper in WG a while back. Unlike most readers he keeps in regular contact, recently dragging me into a battleground after a night of constant loses to have his good luck Gnome present for a nice AB win. He has regularly asked if Squidly wanted to come to ICC, which until recently was out of the question gear wise.

We were chatting the other night as we each jumped in a ICC25 pug (separate pugs, just a coincidence).

My pug was struggling to to grab healers and had their heart set on a Tree.

Meanwhile the Raid Leader was constantly spamming raid chat telling us if we couldn’t stay in the raid till 2am, we should drop group now. It was about 10pm so that made some sense to me I guess.

Of course I wonder whether he was spending more time warning us about 2am than hunting for the missing players.

Ohhh advertising a raid that is filling fast when there are only 7 people in the raid and it takes over 30 minutes to fill… Isn’t filling fast.

The raid leader was doing a count back of the healers in the raid but missed me in his talley. Vein the sort of guy I am, I pointed out his omission.

Squidly: you also have Shaman heals.

RL: No offense, bit I don’t consider Shaman to be effective heals. A Tree is significantly better, as are Paladins and priests.

Finally, finally, we got not one but two Tree healers. All good by me… Less work for the lowest common denominator in healers (more…)

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I blame Battlechicken!

Ambermist caught me offside with this one… so my turn to share.


Gnomer and Out!


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Toilet Training Newbies

I’m a proud Dad right now.

Odin has been daylight toilet trained for a while now, but lately he has been insisting that he go nappy free at night.

So, not one to discourage someone that wants to progress, I have been dealing with the outcome of failed dry nights.

Some nights are dry, which is cool, but more by luck or good fortune.

Last night we had a breakthrough.

It was a dry night, but only because he woke realizing he needed to go to the toilet, woke me and end result… dry night.

Now it wasn’t smooth from my point of view. It took 45 minutes to complete the process, which started at 4am. I noticed he was asleep on his feet in front of the toilet a fair part of the time

I’m very proud of Odin, but I’m pretty proud of myself too. 45 minutes to have a pee in the wee hours of the morning?

Ohh and now we are at 7 dry nights in a row, and one of those was a sleep-over!

Toilet Training Newbies

Which brings me back to WoW (more…)

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Gankee, Ganker, Helper, Helped

Aman’Thul is a PvE server, but I’m “permanently” flagged for PvP.

I didn’t realize at 1st. The first indication was when I got slaughtered outside ICC one night during an instance server restart.

A friend said:

How stupid can you be to afk here while PvP flagged?

I didn’t know, at that point.

A while later I realized whenever I fished I was flagged, then realized it had nothing to do with fishing, I just was.

Rades solved the mystery with the suggestion I might have a PvP quest in my log, which I did and which I now maliciously share every Wintergrasp I enter because I looks like one of the WG quests in the heat of battle.

So yeah, I’m flagged 24/7, I’m kind of noob bait or a free honor kill, assuming someone has a go and depending who they are.

Par for the course on a PvP server, but rare as hen’s teeth on a PvE server a flagged toon is an invitation to every Orc and their pet Troll.

Grinding Tangent

As I had the whole week off, I quickly finished all my raid options early in the week, on both characters, which left me twiddling my thumbs.

I could reroll, but as I rarely have time for two characters, a third would be a nightmare.

So I started grinding. Grinding dailies, grinding reputation and grinding achievements.

Vikingmetal returned to the game recently, so I got him to help me start off the Oracle grind, which of course amounts to 3 quests per day.

So looking for something else, I started killing Ogres in Nagrand. Might as well get that Kurenai rep up.

I’ve never liked AoE grinding (then I never liked fishing either, but desperate times), and the thought of going frost sends shivers down my spine.

Grinding as fire is a whole different story.

Living Bomb
Living Bomb
Living Bomb
Living Bomb
Living Bomb
Living Bomb
Living Bomb

Keep running (more…)

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