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There is no “I” in “PvP”

A long time ago, BBB got me a little… Umm pissed off isn’t the right term, because he didn’t piss me off, but he did say something that got me very annoyed.

Now this was in the midst of what is otherwise (as usual) a very good post about the pain of PvP achievements in a world filled with (differing sorts of) PvE.

What got to me (and this is a really bad paraphrase that will make BBB sound worse than he is) was the sentiments that:

  • PvE is for teams
  • PvP is for individuals
  • Teams of PvE players unite to defeat bosses.
  • Individuals go Chuck Norris to win PvP.

What about PvP (Player vs Player)? How is it any different?

In PvP, it’s all about personal excellence against other living, thinking, reacting and planning opponents.

Real people, fighting against each other and using every trick they can think of, all in a fluid combat environment that requires various Battlefield objectives be met for faction victory.

But whether or not your faction reigns supreme, the focus is entirely on personal accomplishments, on excellence in playing your own character as an individual.

The line may seem to get blurred a bit, because overall success or failure within the Battleground hinges on how many players to a side both kicked individual ass AND were able to work together towards these Battlefield objectives.

At the end of the battle, however, it’s not just win or lose for a side. No, in a PvP Battleground, there is a Leaderboard that pops up which breaks the results of the entire battle down into individual accomplishments.

The leaderboard does show information that relates to team play. Who captured or assaulted flags or towers, etc. But all of the information, including numbers of honorable kills, is clearly presented, by intentional design, to single out and recognize excellence in individual effort. To put things in a ”MVP” perspective.

edit: I need to point out that at the time of his post, he did clarify his position and it wasn’t what “I had read”.  Still BBB & I have a long and happy tradition of throwing things at each other and there was also a point to be made to a greater less informed audience.  Apologies to BBB for an anger directed at him.


Everyone KNOWS that PvE is about team cooperation.

Many people THINK that PvP is about 10,15,40,120 individuals doing their own thing.

I want this message to stop right now – this is the reason BGs turn to shit. New and even old players think that “going hero”, playing by themselves wins BGs.

  • Chuck Norris is a NOOB!
  • Being a hero loses BGs!
  • Being a hero loses PvE encounters too!


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