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Downtime: Well played Blizzard

I know it’s hard to believe, but occasionally I get a bit pissed with Blizzard, get on my high horse (I’m a Gnome, even a Shetland Pony is a high horse) and let rip.

One of my favorite targets is Blizzard’s inability to communicate even the simplest, yet most important things to players – downtime.

Now because I am a fair and balanced Gnome (OK, I know both of these statements are debatable… how about just balanced?  Ohh.. I am a Fire Mage, and slightly unhinged… yeah ok.. whatever.. come closer and say that!) I will give credit where it’s due (just wish that was my bank account).

It’s a running commentary of the continuing downtime, which is quite simply awesome.

Well done Blizzard.. I’d love to suggest that I have a direct line to BlizzardHQ, but we all know they can’t see me on the other side of the customer service counter, when when I jump up and down, waving and shouting (more…)

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