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My RealID

I am going to share something with you today. It’s my RealID, the one most people know me by, the one even my Mother used for me (as much as she hated it).

My name is Snowy.

Of course if you have ever received an email reply from Gnomeaggedon, I have probably already (chosen to) shared that with you.

Snowy isn’t my TrueID, my legal name, though I have considered changing it.

I have known people for 20+ years that only know me only as Snowy, because I am Snowy. Occasionally there is a need to reveal my Clarke Kent true identity and they are stunned, even disbelieving. Yet, 99% of them continue to refer to me as Snowy.

This ReadID goes back a long way, back before I was born in fact. My family has generations of Snowys, not just my immediate family, my extended family (more…)

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