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Hot Streak!

Noooo not that Hot Streak, though let it be known that a certain part of my body grows every time time that one procs.. but I am talking about this one…

Winning 10 rated Arena matched in a row.. yeah I already knew that wasn’t going to happen.

My 3’s team got together tonight for a bit of fun, but unfortunately one of the member’s children was afflicted by some Warlock dot (must have been a Lock, cause the poor kid wasn’t happy), so he dropped out (at our insistence… Arenas < Life).  Which left Deadypriest (yes Deady.. not Deadly.. one of those typos that stuck, but gets confusing because there is someone on our server not afflicted with typo-syndrome) to do some 2’s.

So Deady and I started to fill some time… it was going nice, though there was one combo that we really stuffed up.. we knew what we should be doing, we said it out loud (yes both of us), but do you think we could get our fingers to do our bidding?

MAGES > Locks AND Hunters


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