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Txzvbfdt: want to buy good times? Shove it up your mates with your new mount? We’ve got what you need for only $10/5000g. Come to http://www.wefuckedyourmotheryoursisterandyourbrothertoo.com

I die a little inside every time I see something like that posted in /trade chat. I quickly put them (or maybe it’s me) out of their misery with a report spam.

I kinda hope that Blizzard responds to the spam alert and locks the account before any MORE damage is done.

Whatever happens, some damage is done.

It may only be to you, but most likely your guild will be effected as well.

You might miss out on a nights raiding, your guild might miss out on a raider (It could be that LK kill you have dreamed of) (more…)

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