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Demoralizing Shout

Apparently Warriors have a skill called Demoralizing Shout.

I’m not quite sure, because apart from playing a Warrior for maybe one level before realizing I didn’t like it, I’ve never looked very hard at the toolbar.

I don’t ever recall being demoralized by it, but it’s somewhere on their toolbar and I know they use it, I see it in raids just before they charge at a boss.

Mind you, I have never noticed bosses being particularly demoralized either, they just seem to get angry and hit everyone they can reach.

Over the weekend I got to experience what it is like to give a really demoralizing shout.

It quickly occurred to me that I have been on the receiving end of this “demoralizing shout” multiple times in Arenas.

I know how it feels, I practically walk away from the PC when I hear the roar. I have to retrieve my keyboard from the hole in the wall when I hear my mates of vent cry in anguish.. (more…)

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