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Latency is no handicap

I remember ages ago Euripides was paying out on people that use lag as an excuse for standing in the fire.

I also remember being a bit offended at the time, because for me to start WoW I have to sign that I agree with:

Game Experience May Change During Online Play.

No I mean it.  I put in my username, password, authenticator code & then sign triplicate forms agreeing to play under changing conditions.

Less for some

I watch videos of the best laying low the 2nd best and marvel at their pinpoint accuracy, the way they launch their spells without fear of:

Target must be in front of you


Out of Range

Or even

Ability not ready

You see I live with a technical handicap. I know I have spoken about it before, but as with all handicaps, I am learning to live with it (more…)

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