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Certain Hunter’s, who shall remain nameless, (I can’t remember their names anyway) say there are no good Mage Bogs (or at least there is one good Mage blog & Me – being a Misleading Mage Blog… I’m telling you it’s ME!).

Certain Mage bloggers (like ALL of us) disagree (Well, OK, I am a Misleading Mage blog, but there are more than one good Mage Blog).

One of us is taking action to bring awareness to the great unwashed horde of Hunters, and more importantly the fledgling or expert Mages of our World of Warcraft.

No.. it is not me.  I will not risk losing my Misleading title!

Sensibly this isn’t an attempt to write every Mage guide every written, this is an attempt to build a page or resources to the many excellent, but maybe obscure references to Magedom spread around the Blogsphere.

This is where you come it.

Suggest it:

His list is just off the ground, it’s currently a short, but very sweet collection of resources.  I knew when I threw my eye over it, that there was much more out there – MUCH MORE!

The question is… where?

So if you:

  • Know of an active Mage Blog or resource
  • Know of excellent Mage posts

Drop GamerGaz a line and fill him in (more…)

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Oh Lordy, it looks like my attempt at being THE Misleading Mage is being misled by other Mages wanting to prove their power.

Of course those damn hunters may have been wrong… maybe there aren’t just 2 Mage blogs with one being misleading… maybe there are many more but lots of us are misleading.

No wonder I only rate 23rd on this months Misleading Mage charts!

So, rather than what was planned, I present to you the master of the misleading, Rivs of A High Latency Life, with:

Misleading Mage posts:

Importance of Looking Good.

I came to realize there are many challenges that face classes today, for example,  Hunters it’s figuring out how to name their pet. It has to be hard otherwise why would there be so many pets named “Spider” or “Cat”.  The Mage class is no different, and with so many new races able to become mages, I thought I would share. If your a newly minted mage, or an old timer who seen ICC more then the back of your mouse hand, we have one major obstacle, or challenge if you will.. We need to look good, and being a Mage of the Finest Caliber I am here to help with a few things you could do to help make yourself look good (more…)

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