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The guide is below, but 1st an important discussion, particularly considering the frustration this Achievement can bring.

OK, selfish is too strong a word, for most people anyway. Forgetful, unthinking (not it a bad way I promise) might be better words.

Or, are you a generous, considerate Achievement Hunter.

Levels of Generosity

  1. Share with All
  2. Share with Guild
  3. Share with mates
  4. Share with everyone, except “Fred”.
  5. Share with none
  • I share with all, without thinking about it.  If I see an achievement waiting to be plucked, or shared with the common populace of Alliance Aman’Thul, I yell it up and down the streets.
  • Others will just send a message in Guild chat… that’s what Guildies are for right, to share, to help.. and screw the rest.
  • Some will share just with their mates, even if their mates are in the guild, they wont make it public.
  • Poor Fred, he made the mistake of saying he was going to beat everyone in the Achievement hunting stakes, so when you see an achievement on offer, do you share it around Fred’s back? (Yes Mr. Tree, I am talking about you and Mr.Z!… of course you do it intentionally sloppily)
  • Maybe it’s all about you. Share with no one.  Sure you can’t get server 1st, but you can get server 3,452nd and you wont settle for 3,453rd.

It’s up to you, but please share with ALL!

So, we are getting closer to the details of this achievement, but 1st the basic mechanics.

  • There are 8 spawn locations for 8 tomes of magic.
  • There is a 3 hour cooldown from when a book is touched at any of the spawn locations before another will spawn.
  • That respawn will occur any time in the following hour.
  • So it can take anywhere from 3 – 4 hours for a tome to spawn.
  • Once the book is clicked, it remains for 3 minutes, but can be clicked on by anyone during that 3 minutes for credit.

Painful nah?

But wait, it gets worse! (more…)

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He was looking a lot worse until, like cats with a mouse, we chased him around the arena to get a good polymorph shot.

Mind you, he didn’t last long after I confirmed I had the shot.

He is one of many this week, but he’s the one I remembered to screenshot.

As for your LockShots!

Only 8 days (7 in my part of the world) till I pick winners for my Lock Rehab program

So send me either:

  • Your LockScreenShot, or
  • Your 10 Steps of Illidan Rehab program (come on Syrana, I know you want to… you know the addiction from the inside)

I figure I will give the American’s a fighting chance, so I will not close it until midnight on the 18th in some other land… otherwise I will be closing the comp on my 18th.. which will be the 17th for most of you.

But I wont announce it!

I will decide the winners and they will be announced on Twisted Nether, well No, I’m hoping that Fim will tie Nibuca down long enough to get her to announce the winners… so there better be winners, or you will have a  Locktress laughing at you Mages, Hunters, Shamans… who am I kidding, she will be laughing at everyone but Locks.

I am looking forward to the damage that Cynwise and Psynister are going to do to each other in the name of a loot card.

BTW, did you catch Psynister’s Twisted Nether Blogcast the other day?


Me neither… but that is the magic of podcasts.. I expect it will be up in the next day or two (more…)

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