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Once Were Warlock

I mentioned the other day that I knew of a Lock that had been reformed.

Fresh out of rehab, he contacted me to tell his story, so all Locks of the world would know that there was still hope of redemption.

I need to point out that this is the same ex-Lock, that took great pleasure in taunting me only a few months ago…

For now, his story:

To the Maging Community:

Yesterday I found myself flying over Wintergrasp Fortress and I noticed down in the chat panel (mine is in the lower left corner of the screen FYI) that

Wintergrasp Fortress is under attack!!!

Seeing that we (Horde) were in control of the Fortress (we rarely are) I found it my duty to investigate said attack. I spot a ‘lock spamming incinerates at the NPC guards.

What should I do?

I heard that inner Gnomeaggedon inside my head.

I dismount, pop Slow Fall, POM + Frostfire Bolt, Arcane Barrage then Fire Blast.

He’s dead before I even hit the ground. I leave that poor Gnome Warlock smoldering like the embers of last night’s bonfire. After I trounced that poor, poor Warlock, it hit me. I have just gone and done something wrong, not like accidentally forgetting to put the cap on the toothpaste wrong, but more like cheating on your girl friend with her sister wrong, (Oh Yeah!!)

Now you out there reading this are probably thinking…

So? I wreck face like that all the time.

Here is my dilemma, but I think a round of introductions are in order…

What I was…


My name is Nymesis. My main is an 80 Horde Orc Warlock (more…)

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