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There are more than two things, but two things are enough.

For once I am not bitching and moaning about my team mates, no I am bitching and moaning about Wintergrasp mechanics and WoW.

  1. The picture above tells the story of my issue with WoW… I’ll come back to it, but meanwhile keep an eye on that picture.
  2. Wintergrasp group mechanics.
  1. Ok, quick check. Noticed any change in the picture? No, it’s OK, we will come back to it.
  2. Wintergrasp can handle two three 40 man raids worth of bodies – 80 of them for those of you as mathematically challenged as I normally am.

Entering as group

If you make the mistake of entering the WG battle while in a group, that is your group. You are not in either of the 40 man raid groups.

You do not:

  • Get raid buffs
  • Appear in healing frames
  • Share in the kills etc.

To get into the raid group, you need to (more…)

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