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Yes, a Lock made me laugh.

Just as we were wiping the Horde’s butts in Arathi Basin with the flags they kept trying to take off us, an Affliction lock brought up a heart breaking subject (well for a Mage, lol)…

Ready for the punch line?

Ohh… not funny?

The new Lock Spec…. give up and go play LotR?

Well it amused me…

Speaking of not funny

Slightly more devious, and significantly more evil that any Warlocks, even Horde Warlocks that have turned me into Minced Gnome Pie, are the latest Gold Scammers and their method of sucking you towards their website.

Make sure you post a link to Breanni’s warning on your guild websites, maybe even prance through the streets on your “My Little Pony” yelling out a warning.

Gold Seller Scams Using “Breanni”

Gnomer and Out!

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