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Less casts, More talk

No, this isn’t an announcement for a new radio station playing the latest hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with less ads, more music.

No more than 13 ads in a row!

This was an exercise born out of frustration. Actually to be honest I wasn’t that frustrated, but 5 losses in a row made me want to yell…

So I yelled!

In a nice way of course!

Before I begin, let me assure you Cynwise already knows I was playing BGs and I got what I think was a comment of approval…

Go to your room! NOW!

Aaawww Mum…

I had been in loses in AV, EotS, SotA, WSG and EotS once again.

I decided to give it one last shot. While the previous fights had been loses, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Some good battles were had and an appropriate level of:

L2P nub!

had been shared around

SotA popped one more time.

As soon as I zoned in, we were on offense, I started typing.. (more…)

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I think it’s because I am a terrible cook.

Actually, that is probably giving my culinary expertise too much credit.

I am no Dr. Bombay!

I was married to an awesome cook for a while. She was one of these people that could visualize a recipe, imagine how it would taste, pass her nose over the cooking pot and tell you that it needed a pinch, or a spoonful, more salt.

Me… I can cook pancakes – damn good pancakes, plain, boring, but delicious pancakes.

Way too clean…

However put me in a stainless steel, high tech kitchen and my pancakes at best come out tasting the same, often… well there is something missing (more…)

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