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When will I learn…

That I can’t solo a battleground?

I mean it’s quite obvious really, but when I rush to a node and only find 5 opponents, my 1st thought isn’t to run to a safe distance and pick them off…


My 1st thought is whether I can hurt them all in my 1st move.

When I see 10 players battling over a node, do I join them?


I race to the seemingly undefended one. Often it is, when I get there. However as soon as…

Gnomeaggedon has assaulted your honor by ninja’ing your node

…appears on the screen I get a horde of, well of bellowing (often mooing) Horde charging me down.

The post Battleground Leadership makes some good points.

A losing strategy may become a winning strategy if you are all following the plan. Maybe by brute force you can dint the opposition enough for them to doubt their own strategy and either try a new one giving you the chance to capitalize, or fall apart at the seams giving you the chance to dominate.

Of course they may just group up and farm you.. Well, they will group up and farm you. If no single person is threatening their nodes, they can afford to commit their full force to destroying you constantly depleted one.

What happens next?

To my mind it’s what happens when the lemming strat actually tips the balance (more…)

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