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I’m trying…

… but not being very successful…

To be inspired:

The 1st round of Cataclysm class changes have been announced. I say 1st, because experience has taught me that what is announced at this stage of pre-expansion hysteria is not what we will see.

  • I’m humored that this gnome with big balls of fire will have a bigger ball of fire.
  • I’m surprised that “people” find fire & frost ward irrelevant. I know I use them a lot in PvP, but doesn’t everyone use them in VoA?
  • I’m slightly interested that rated BGs are coming, but to be completely and brutally honest I think this is already one patch too late.
  • I’m disappointed that there is no mention of a Gnomeaggedon statue appearing anywhere.
  • As for reclaiming Gnomeregan, well… I know this is blasphemy, but… Whatever!

I’d like to thank folks for the emails and tweets informing me of this, but without trying to sound like an April fools joke, I am actually more excited by the concept of the Trolls retaking their homeland.

To take pleasure in a conversion:

A while back I got a taunting email from a Warlock reader (yeah, I don’t get it either… Locks reading a Mage blog?) (more…)

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