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Are you shaking your bunny maker?

Do you have virtual boobs?

Do you play one of the neglected females, the Dwarves, the Orcs etc?

If you do, why don’t you flaunt your assests?

Grimtorn was saying the other day that on the 1st day of Nooblegarden her female dwarf toon was leading a procession around Dalaran.

Not just of desperate and admiring males trying to pin the ears on the bunny, but ultimately of other female toons.

If you have done any of the events in the past, you will know how frustrating it is to find that one last class/sex/race combination.

This is hard enough on day 1 and 2 of the event, but as the days go by and you have the achievements under your elegant dress, other people cry in frustration at the lack of suitable targets.

It get worse if you are low level with little access to Dalaran beyond a 10g port. Now you will be hunting your faction’s cities for the elusive female dwarf.

There should be hundreds of them in Ironforge right… right?

Ok, maybe not.

So if you’ve got a female character of the appropriate age (level 18+), especially if you have an elegant dress in your bank. Why not prowl the streets of your nearest capital or Dalaran?

Don’t just do it today, do it tomorrow and the next day. Do it every 2nd day until the event is over (more…)

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