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Midfield is NOT an objective!

Once again Gnomeaggedon proves Gnomes can't Art!

There are many objectives in a battleground. In fact there are several objectives for running an battleground in and of itself.

Objectives of running a BG:

  • Honor: Honor = gear, gems and other stuff.
  • Arena Points: the 1st random BG each day award you arena points. You need Arena Points to get some of the better PvP gear.
  • To Learn: you learn to kill effectively, you learn situational awareness, you learn how to hate the enemy, you learn so you can:
  • Have fun: the better you get and your team mates perform, the more fun you have. Some of the best BGs I have been in were losses… I told you about one a while back.

Objectives when running a Battleground:

  • Capping Towers & Bunkers
  • Recapping Towers and Bunkers
  • Capping Graveyards
  • Capping Resources
  • Killing bosses
  • Blowing gates
  • Destroying demolishers
  • Disarming bombs
  • Touching relics
  • Capping workshops
  • Destroying Towers
  • Running and Capping Flags
  • Protecting your flag carrier
  • Stopping enemy flag carriers and returning flags
  • Protecting your healers
  • Killing or CCing their healers
  • Winning the Battleground

I could go on, but now is the time to make one thing very, very clear…

Midfield is NOT an objective!

It is just a means to an end.

  • Field of strife – not an objective
  • Roads – not an objective
  • Graveyard farming – not an objective
  • Farming WSG midfield – NOT AN OBJECTIVE!

More Honor for doing right than taking (and losing) needless lives


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