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Trollaggedon’s Coming!


I have had enough!

The Gnome has been fun, but it’s time to get serious.

The reality is that Gnomes and their players are a scorned bunch.

The other reality is that Alliance suck at PvP. Sure they might win 60% of Alterac Valleys, but put them somewhere they can’t Zerg to a PvE encounter in under 3 minutes and they become a bunch of pissy humans.

I came to the realization today. When I think about respected Mages (no not Mage bloggers per se, some of my favorite bloggers are Gnomes…) ingame at least, Gnomes don’t enter the picture.

Actually last night while I was polishing of my artwork on the SotA post (yeah didn’t take long), I discovered a Faxmonkey video, I think it’s reasonably recent, it’s certainly from WoLK.

Do you know who Faxmonkey is?

He is the star – and I mean star – of a series of videos called Stupid Mage Tricks.

This guy makes my eyes bleed at the difference between his skill and mine.

While I was watching the video, the difference between him and I dawned on me. Sure he is primarily Frost, but he uses enough fire to invalidate much of that difference.

The big difference (yer pun intended) is:

I am a Gnome…
He is a Troll!

And we all know…

Troll Racials are Overpowered!


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